Jaejoong Ranks High In Poll for Japanese Teens Among Hyde, YamaPi, Arashi, and other Top Japanese Stars

15 May

Jaejoong did very well in a ranking with top Japanese celebrities of Japan.

“Girls Walker” is a popular magazine for Japanese teenage girls. It has a music section which it terms “Music Walker.” Readers may remember that Jaejoong has ranked among the very top stars of Japan in a survey by Music Walker in February as an artist to whom one would like to give chocolates for Valentines Day. (See here)

This week, Jaejoong repeated his feat, in a survey on which artist these girls would like to have as their boyfriend:

(1) Hyde of L’Arc ~ en ~ Ciel

(2) Yamada Ryosuke of Hey! Say! JUMP

(3) Fukuyama Masaharu

(4) Yamashita Tohomisa of NEWS, aka YamaPi

(5) Jaejoong of JYJ

(6) Takuya of UVERworld

(7) Takahiro of EXILE

(8) Masaki Aiba of Arashi

(9) Sakurai Sho of Arashi

(10) Tachibana Keita of W-inds

Amazing and so nice to see Jaejoong compete and hold his own with the top of the top artists of Japan, such as the above!

Source: Music Walker
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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