SHINee Minhop Made A Star Call About His Feeling of Being An Adult

21 May

After the recent ‘age coming day’, SHINee Minho made a star call today, saying about his feelings of being an adult. This what Minho said :

(English Trans)

hello everyone i am adult shinee’s minho !

not long ago it was age coming day

so i am also in my legal age now ! haha i was underage when i just debut !

till now i can’t believe that i am an adult now!

still i am legal age now skin is also ! oh ^^

i still love who i am now! , i hate growing up!~

no matter what the grown up Minho will work even harder!

and bring everyone to see the next level Minho will give, stay tune!

know it, now i am adult , i will wait for everyone to be legal age adult soon! those who are still underage i will wait! haha.

no matter what , goodbye !

not hanging up? but time is up ! goodbye!

translation : forever_shinee 5th admin
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