Fuji TV’s Boss Official Staff Talks About 2PM

23 May

2011/05/20 – “2PM makes a guest appearance in episode 6!”

How are you? This is OKA-PI!!

Now then, in the upcoming episode 6,
Korea’s popular idols “2PM” will make a guest appearance.
I’ll share you some of the heat from that scene with a photograph!
(Sorry, the boys are not in the picture.)

Despite their hard schedule and unfamiliarity with drama appearances,
they were courteous and did their very best.
Even our BOSS melted over their serious effort?
Please look forward to her lovestruck expressions!!

This was OKA-PI reporting.

2011/05/21 — “The answer to having fun”

Hi. This is No. P2.

Now, the answer to having fun after the broadcast.
Just as I had expected, Team BOSS, Sanspo and Mezamashi TV have already looked this up.
That’s right, in episode 6 next week, those super stars hailing proudly from Korea:
beastly idols “2PM” will make a guest appearance!

It will be their very first appearance in a Japanese drama ☆

They appeared as themselves,
but even added some ad libs to their original Japanese lines.
We managed to shoot a very enjoyable scene.

Of course, they performed for us as well,
and I (No. P2) snuck up to the front to watch them. They were so cool ☆☆☆
Off-camera, they’re wonderful people, filled with refreshing smiles,
but the minute they start performing, their vibe changes completely,
and we all fell in love with that contrasting personality.
On the next day of filming, everyone just kept talking about “2PM”.

Here, I would like fans of “2PM” to please take note!

I’m sure everyone from Team BOSS will be watching this episode,
but there may be some folks who only want to see 2PM.
Please watch the episode until the very end ☆, otherwise you’ll miss them….

It’d be great if these fans could start watching BOSS because of 2PM. ♪

Source: BOSS official staff blog
Translation by fantaisie @ W2D
Shared : dkponwes.net


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