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Chinese fans celebrate Victoria and Nichkhun’s 1st year anniversary

2 Jun

Fans of Victoria and Nichkhun prepared a surprise for the couple’s 1st year anniversary. On the morning of May 31st, Chinese fan forums Khuntoria@TY and KVCN announced that in order to celebrate Khuntoria’s 1st wedding anniversary, they had taken out an advertisement on selected public transit buses in Korea, particularly in Seoul and its surrounding areas. The advertisement not only displays Nichkhun and Victoria’s pictures, but also contains a supportive message in Thai, Chinese, and Korean.

Buses began displaying the advertisement on May 30th. The advertisements will continue for one month. They can be found on buses heading in the direction of Yeouido, Gangnam, Hongik University, and Gangbuk. In relation to this project, representatives from the Chinese fan forums expressed that, through this advertisement, they hope to bring a good beginning to Khuntoria’s new year, and that more viewers will begin to pay attention to the couple.

Nichkhun and Victoria joined “We Got Married” in June 2010. They are currently the longest running couple on the show, after the departure of Jokwon and Gain, as well as Yonghwa and Seohyun. The show currently features two other couples – Eunjung of T-ara and Lee Jangwoo, as well as Park Sohyun and Kim Woojoon.

Source: Korea JoongAng Daily via Yahoo! News
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BEAST’s Manager Hints For A New Boy Group?

2 Jun

BEAST’s manager Lim Yong Un tweeted a photo of a boy group along with the message:

“201108 큐브의 새로운 프로젝트 COMMING SOON!! NAME IS ‘MA2ST”

Trans: “201108 Cube’s new project COMMING SOON!! NAME IS ‘MA2ST”

source: CUBE_SAMCHON twitter
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I’m not sure if it’s serious, because i see 4-minute’s manager and familiar managers from CUBE. Are they fooling around? Maybe.. well… you judge ^^ Will they make a great boy group in the future?

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Wanna Know SHINee’s Schedule For This Month

2 Jun

June 4 – 【Live】
PM 03:50 MBC-TV show! Music Core – MC gentleness * Bryant (Yongin, Caribbean Bay, an outdoor wave pool Special Stage)
【broadcast / scheduled】
Saturday PM 05:50 KBS-2TV declaration of freedom ‘immortal 2’ – Jonghyun (5 / 16 footage)

June 5 – 【Recording】
PM 04:00 KBS-2TV Team Season 2 from Asia with the stars from the Dream Team ‘- Minho, Minho (Daegu Stadium Tai Chi square)

June 10 – 【TV】
Republic of Korea PM 11:00 Love ‘2011 DREAM CONCERT ‘(5 / 28 footage)
【overseas performances】
PM 07:00 SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in PARIS (Le Zenith de Paris)

June 11 – 【broadcast / scheduled】
Saturday PM 05:50 KBS-2TV declaration of freedom ‘immortal 2’ – Jonghyun (23.05 footage)

Source : http://shinee.smtown…hedule_list.asp
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Yonghwa and Jungmo In Love Triangle With Seohyun

2 Jun

TRAX’s Jungmo and CN Blue’s Yonghwa appeared on the same show together, and the topic regarding Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun was eventually brought up.

On the June 1st episode of MBC’s “Radio Star”, TRAX’s Jungmo commented, “Seohyun is closest to my ideal type.” After he revealed this, CNBlue’s Jung Yonghwa became noticeably jealous since he was once in a make-believe marriage on “We Got Married” with her.

He recalled that while they were filming the show, Jungmo would teach Seohyun how to play the guitar and took good care of her as well.

On a side note, Seohyun was also featured in one of TRAX’s music videos titled “Oh! My Goddess”.

What do you think of this love triangle?

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