BEAST’s “Bad Girl” takes No.1 Recochoku ringtone chart

8 Jun

BEAST has taken No.1 on Recochoku’s ringtone chart with their latest Japanese single “Bad Girl.” Recochoku is one of Japan’s largest mobile music websites. BEAST released their single “Bad Girl” on June 15th.

In March, BEAST released their debut Japanese single “SHOCK” in March, the Japanese version of their Korean hit. The group has received a lot of love from Japanese fans since their debut and recently visited their 600th day since their debut. BEAST said, “We hope to show you a better side of ourselves as a thank you for giving us support.”

A representative from Recochoku said, “This is the second time BEAST has ranked on Recochoku, which has the participation of over 30 major record labels. We have high hopes on their future activities.”

SNSD takes 3rd place with their “Mr. Taxi,” with “Let It Rain” in 16th place and “Gee” in 22nd place.

Source: Newsen
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