SHINee in Livedam Sing For Smile Tour VMAJ in Fukuoka

16 Jun

A premium live performance by SHINee, a group to debut with Replay -君は僕 の everythinghing-」next week.

When the five members showed up on stage, the audience explodes with shouts of joy and excitement to form a great sense of unity in ZEPP FUKUOKA.

“We’d like to send love and power with our performance.”

Their stage is so overwhelming to arouse the audience’s great chant from the intro.

The heat of the event got more intense with SHINee’s exciting performance.

After the live concert, JAMOSA, SHINee, and w – inds participated in the fund raising activity at the lobby.

Standing behind a donation box, they responded to fans’ cheers by smiling or waving hands, and asked them to support the earthquake victims.

The second day of the tour in Osaka!

We will see you agin at ZEPP OSAKA on 16 June (Thursday). The guest artists are Aoyama Teruma, SHINee, w – inds (alphabetical order).

Source/Credits: MTV Japan LIVEDAM Sing for Smile Tour VMAJ http://www.mtvjapan….tourvmaj/topics
Korean Translation by: Taemin-ssi @ Shakizi
English Translation by: jujugal
Shared :

*SHINee sang Juliette, Replay, Lucifer, Ring Ding Dong, and Hello Japanese version.


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