MBLAQ’s First Solo Concert, Sold Out Seats Lead to The Speculation of Adding More Concert Dates!

22 Jun

On the 21st of June at 8PM, MBLAQ’s popularity was shown when the tickets at INTERPARK for the Men in MBLAQ concert were sold out in under one hour. There was extreme competition for tickets as not only fans in Korea, but international fans as well sought to buy tickets for the concert.

MBLAQ’s company JTuneCamp expressed, “International fans who couldn’t get tickets are constantly asking questions.” They also added that this concert was meant to have one show, but due to fans constant support, the company is discussing whether to add more dates to the concert.

This Men in MBLAQ concert has planned a concept of having the universe’s greatest performance with the 5 best performers. The teaser “Braniac Mir” released on the 21st of June started off the trail of teasers of the 5 boys that will be released, and the rest of the members’ individual concepts will be showcased soon.

MBLAQ’s first solo concert, Men in MBLAQ will happen on August 20th, opening at 5PM.

TRANSLATION: Lovelyjoonie@AbsoluteMBLAQ
SHARED : dkpopnews.net

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