Jung Yonghwa & Park Shinhye’s “Heartstrings” Sold to 8 Foreign Countries Before Broadcast

25 Jun

MBC’s new Wed/Thurs drama “Heartsrings” (scriptwriter Lee MyungSook/director Pyo MinSoo) has been sold in eight foreign countries.

With the finalisation of the title, in addition to three kinds of overseas version of “Heartstrings” in English, Japanese, Chinese, Jung YongHwa and Park ShinHye who are dubbed as Hallyu couple, will meet the audience (referring the drama, not personally going to meet) in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Phillipines, North America and more, totaling to eight countries.

An official from production company JS Pictures said “The level of interest and anticipation towards director Pyo MinSoo and Hallyu stars Jung YongHwa and Park ShinHye from local and overseas fans before the broadcast is really high” and “This is a drama which strives to achieve a feeling of happiness and joy that even the viewers can feel, through the story of the youths”.

On the other hand, “Heartstrings” which will premier on 29 June is a drama about the love, friendship and dreams of the main leads who love arts.

Thank you @2kiko for the tips!

Source: JoinsMSN
Translated by: G@cnbluestorm
Shared : dkpopnews.net


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