Producer of “Immortal Song 2” was Surprissed by G.O’s Talent

25 Jun

“Please look forward to MBLAQ’s G.O…”

KBS2 “Immortal Song 2” has gathered new casts, 2PM’s Junsu, F.T Island’s Lee Hongki and MBLAQ’s G.O. Their first stage performance will be aired on the 25th. Along with 2AM’s Changmin, Secret’s Song Jieun and SISTAR’s Hyolin, together battled it out with the challenge “1992’s [Gayo Top Ten] #1 Songs,” performing six hit songs of 1992 on the broadcast on the 13th as the first round.

The producer claimed that “Because of the new members, the nerves and the quality on stage have been brought up to the next level. I knew that Junsu and Hongki are very strong singers as they are the main vocalists in their group. But comparing the 3, MBLAQ’s G.O gained more attention and interest. After watching this match, I’m really surprised by G.O’s powerful performance.” On the day, G.O changed “Love is Cold Seducing” into a extremely sexy ballad and sang it with his sweet voice. He received much praise for that.

The producer says that “The idols that joined this show are absolutely in love with the stage. G.O’s performance especially, was a stage that could not be seen from a person who doesn’t love the stage. Expressed the feeling as if giving everything you can until nothing is left. The stage was full of joy and fun.”

Also, before the show began, G.O revealed to the producer the story of the 3 member group Tykeys while they were active in 2007.

PS. “Immortal Song 2” first round airs on the 25th, 5.50pm.

TRANSLATION: MIR-acle@AbsoluteMBLAQ, princessivy@MblaqChiNa


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