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Park Min Yeong Will Dance To f(x) “Na Na Cheek Dance”

6 Jul

“City Hunter” Park Min-yeong will transform into girl group F(X) and dance the ‘Na-na’s cheek dance’.

On the 13th episode of SBS drama “City Hunter”, Park Min-yeong will dance F(X)’s “Nu Yepio”.

Park Min-yeong performed the dance to the song on the 4th at the shooting site. She was practicing her moves until right before the shoot.

Her cute dance made the atmosphere of the shooting site change. Shy but cute, she made it seem like she was going to make an NG but seemed to natural.

The productions said, “The shooting of the drama is going on until late night but Park Min-yeong is always happy and bold. She feels like the real Kim Na-na”.

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Hyun Joong To Launch Official Fan Club Site “Henecia”

6 Jul

Kim Hyun Joong’s official fanclub “Henecia” will be open on July 11.
The site will be updated with Hyun Joong’s activities, news, photos, videos and messages as well.

Here’s the link

You can’t access the link for the moment, it’ll be open on July 11.

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2PM Hands Up Trot Version !!!!!

6 Jul

Want to hear 2pm Hands Up trot version? Check below 🙂
A fan made a trot version of it and it sounds good yet funny 🙂

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MBC Being Kept Alive By “Singer” Yoochun Being One Of Them

6 Jul

The powers of the singers are strong on the MC dramas and variety programs. All throughout the week on important programs singers are leading, and there is even talk that “MBC is fed by the singers.”

In Miss Ripley which is being aired and is a Monday-Tuesday drama, group JYJ’s Park Yoochun is appearing as lead. This is his second time acting following last year’s Sungkyunkwan Scandal but he is pulling off nuanced emotional scenes and is receiving praise. The evaluation is that he is contributing largely to the increase in ratings by securing JYJ’s existing fans as regular viewers.

[Parts unrelated to Yoochun omitted]

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Hyun Joong “Lee Seung Gi is Friend and U-Know is Older”

6 Jul

SBS E!TV Star IQ analyzed why Kim Hyun-joong who has released a solo album, has to make money.

There were several efforts he had made to make money. He said before, “I have done many part time jobs before my debut and I collected almost a hundred million won”.

Kim Hyun-joong is running a chicken place with friends and has promoted his shop by appearing on the flyers himself.

Sometimes he made a weird relationship analysis. “A year younger Lee Seung-gi is a friend but U-Know who was born in the same year as me is older. I think you need to sponge off those who are even a day older than you”.

This episode of the program will reveal why Kim Hyun-joong has to make money. Coming this 9th at 2:30PM

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Rain’s Last Concert Before His Military Service : I’ll Pour Out All of My Energy in This Concert

6 Jul

Rain has successfully closed 2011 Rain Asia Tour the Best concert and begins his national concert tour in August.

On July 5, Rain’s agency says, “The national tour concert will be titled The Best Show, and it will begin on August 13 in Pusan. The tour continues in Daegu on August 27, Jeju Island on September 3, Gwangju on September 17, Daejeon on September 18, and Seoul on September 24 and 25.

Rain began his Asia Tour show in March visiting China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan with the fan participation of 100,000.

Rain prepares a special event for the national concert tour. He says, “I’m now talking with staff of the special event for the Korean fans who have supported me. I’m ready to pour out all of my energy into this.”

The advance sale of tickets begins on July 11 at Interpark website.

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