SHINee’s single “Replay ~You are my everything” and KARA’s “Go Go Summer!” certified gold by RIAJ

8 Jul

Following SNSD’s recent certification of double-platinum for their 1st Japanese album “Girls’ Generation,” other groups have been certified Gold for their own Japanese single release. According to the RIAJ, KARA’s 4th Japanese single “Go Go Summer!” and SHINee’s debut Japanese single “Replay ~You are my everything” has achieved Gold status.

KARA released their 4th single on June 29th following their 3rd single “Jet Coaster Love.” The group has proven to be popular in Japan since their debut last year with “Mister.” Since their Japanese debut, they have been breaking numerous records.

SNSD’s juniors, SHINee, have also proven to be successful in Japan. The group signed a contract with EMI Japan and released their debut single on June 29th as well. According to the RIAJ, their debut single has achieved Gold status.

According to RIAJ’s criteria, albums selling 100,000 copies, 250,000 copies, and a million copies are certified Gold, Platinum, and Million respectively.

Meanwhile, SHINee’s Minho and Onew will soon take their leave from MBC Music Core’s MCs due to their oversea schedules.

Source: Ely and RIAJ
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