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Director Spike Lee confirmed for “Oldboy” remake

12 Jul

Mandate Pictures has confirmed that Spike Lee will direct a Hollywood remake of the 2003 Korean classic “Oldboy”. A fairly controversial director and personality, Lee has made well-known and acclaimed films about American race relations, including 1989’s “Do The Right Thing”.

The president of Mandate Pictures, Nathan Kahane, will act as executive producer for the film, and Roy Lee and Doug Davison, involved with previous Asian remakes “The Departed” and “The Grudge”, will be producers. The third producer, Mark Protosevich, wrote the adapted screenplay for the film. “It’s a great honor to put this special project into the hands of such a gifted writer and iconic director,” Kahane said about the project, which will be a collaboration of Vertigo Entertainment and 40 Acres & A Mule Production, Spike Lee’s company.

World-famous Korean director Park Chanwook released “Oldboy” as part of his revenge trilogy in 2003, and it won the prestigious Grand Prix prize at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival. It is loosely based on a Japanese manga, and follows Oh Daesu (Choi Minsik), who, after being released from a fifteen-year imprisonment, seeks revenge on his captor. It is noted for its themes of revenge, incest, and violence, and features a remarkable fight scene shown in a single continuous shot.

A release date for the Hollywood “Oldboy” has not been confirmed.

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TVXQ to perform on Music Station on July 22nd

12 Jul

TVXQ will be releasing their upcoming Japanese single “Superstar” on July 20th, and after half a year hiatus in Japan, the duo will be making their comeback performance on Asahi TV’s Music Station on July 22nd. Their last performance on Music Station was in January after they released their single, “Why (Keep Your Head Down),” and they will appear on the show again 6 months later.

They are scheduled for various activities to promote their single “Superstar” following its release on July 20th. The song is already being used as the song for 7-Eleven CFs, in which they are endorsing alongside SNSD (“Hoot”).

TVXQ will be taking part of KBS Music Bank’s Kpop Festival on July 13th in Tokyo at the Tokyo Dome.

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The Boss and X-5 added to Singapore “Korean Music Wave” concert lineup

12 Jul

In April, organizers released what seemed to be the final lineup for the Singapore “Korean Music Wave” concert for July 15th. However, according to Open World Entertainment, male groups The Boss and X-5 will be joining the idol-studded concert this weekend.

The Singapore “Korean Music Wave” concert will be held at the Indoor Stadium on July 15th. The Boss and X-5 will join Big Bang, 2NE1, FT Island, U-Kiss, miss A, Teen Top, Dalshabet, and Girl’s Day (who replaced TOUCH).

Unfortunately, Big Bang’s Daesung will not be joining the remaining members of Big Bang.

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HITT receives love from fans worldwide

12 Jul

New male group HITT recently made their debut performance on KBS Music Bank with their title song “Good Night” on July 8th in addition to releasing their mini-album “Here Is The Top.”

HITT had already gained attention for merely being chosen by Sony Music, who will be distributing their music. In addition to that, they have already received worldwide recognition from fans in Japan, Germay, France, and Indonesia, who have created fan cafés with over 5,000 of HITT’s album on pre-order.

One reason that HITT has gained international recognize is due to music programs such as M! Countdown, KBS Music Bank, MBC Music Core, and SBS Inkigayo are viewable to Kpop fans worldwide through the internet.

A representative from Sony Music stated, “They are a group that just made their debut and they are already gaining attention. It’s quite unexpected as they are rookies and has just begun their activities.”

The group consists of leader Hayoung, Juntaek, Hyunjun, Howon the maknae, Wooram, and Jaehoon the rapper.

What are your thoughts on the group so far?

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JYJ Jaejoong receives a hospital care for bacterial infection

12 Jul

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong recently made a visit to Vietnam and it has been reported that the singer has been bitten by an insect while on his visit, to which he received treatment too late. In mid-June, Jaejoong visited Ho Chi Minh City for a charity football match.

At the time, he received an insect bite on his right arm. At first, he disregarded the bite, but as it was itchy, he continuously scratched it until the cut became deeper. Once he returned to Korea, the bite had already gotten infected and Jaejoong visited the hospital for treatment and care.

An official from Jaejoong’s agency stated that Jaejoong had received late treatment and according to the test results, “he received bacterial infection due to the late treatment and it has already spread throughout his right arm.” The official continues, “Bits of the scar still remains and there is still a bit of irritation and inflammation. The treatment isn’t done yet and he will continue to receive treatment for the infection.”

Jaejoong is currently filming for his SBS drama “Defend The Boss.”

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2PM Performed Heartbeat +10 out of 10 @Be Mezamashi

12 Jul

Enjoy’s 2PM’s performance in Okinawa!

The fans went wild during the boys’ performance!!


12 Jul

Another of Youngsaeng’s scheduled product to be released – ‘FIRST SOLO STORY – SPECIAL DVD’.

-Special Photobook (100P)
-Photo Card (3 pieces)
-Deluxe Box


[DISC 1]
*Teaser film
*Full version
*Special Angle 1 (CLOSE-UP Ver.)
*Special Angle 2 (DANCE Ver.)
*Special Angle 3 (DIRECTOR’s Ver.)

*Full version
*Special Angle 1 (CLOSE-UP Ver.)
*Special Angle 2 (How to make Rainy Heart’s M/V)

[DISC 2]
*YoungSaeng’s STORY
-Special Letter/Interview

-Special Photoslide Show/NG shots/Staff Interview

Label: Pony Canyon

Release Date: 2011-September-21 (Wed)

Price: 4,872 yen as on Shinseido Japan

For international purchase CLICK

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T-ara’s ‘Roly Poly’ MV Part 2 Dominates Video Sites Instantly

12 Jul

T-ara’s ‘Roly Poly’ MV Part 2 shows that they are really popular.

On July 11th, at 1PM the 2nd Part to T-ara’s ‘Roly-Poly’ music video was released and topped GomTV’s real time music video chart.

Moreover, the 1st Part received over 1.5 million views on GomTV, topping their weekly charts as well.

Both parts of the MV were directed by Cha Euntaek. The first part in the style of a mini-drama, and the second T-ara being on different types of stages/sets.

After releasing 2 different shots, in the music and making form, fans from 40 different countries have watched “Roly-Poly” and have shown a lot of love over YouTube. The have danced the choreography and added it into the ending of the video to show their thankfulness for them.

“After seeing foreign fans following the choreography to Roly Poly at the end of the MV, it really put a smile on my face,” said some fans, “Everyone enjoys Roly Poly”, “The last part was really great, it was nice to watch”.

Written by: Park Geonwook
Translated by: Elly@Diadem

X5 Magnae Sulhu Creates Twitter

12 Jul

Twitter is really becoming trend for kpop idols right?
Now X-5 maknae started to tweet!

Follow him @SulHu95 his latest updates, photos and tweet^^

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“Miss Ripley” 14,2% Reclaims The First Place

12 Jul

MBC drama Miss. Ripley” has found its throne.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research on the 12th, Miss. Ripley” on the 11th rated 14.2%, bringing it back to first place in Monday and Tuesday dramas.

It started off as first place on its first episode but was pushed back to 2nd my “Babyfaced Beauty”. However, as soon as “Babyfaced Beauty” finished, it found its way back to the leading place.

Meanwhile, KBS “Spy MyeongWol” rated 9.6% and SBS “Warrior Baek Dong-soo” rated 12.7%.

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