Director Spike Lee confirmed for “Oldboy” remake

12 Jul

Mandate Pictures has confirmed that Spike Lee will direct a Hollywood remake of the 2003 Korean classic “Oldboy”. A fairly controversial director and personality, Lee has made well-known and acclaimed films about American race relations, including 1989’s “Do The Right Thing”.

The president of Mandate Pictures, Nathan Kahane, will act as executive producer for the film, and Roy Lee and Doug Davison, involved with previous Asian remakes “The Departed” and “The Grudge”, will be producers. The third producer, Mark Protosevich, wrote the adapted screenplay for the film. “It’s a great honor to put this special project into the hands of such a gifted writer and iconic director,” Kahane said about the project, which will be a collaboration of Vertigo Entertainment and 40 Acres & A Mule Production, Spike Lee’s company.

World-famous Korean director Park Chanwook released “Oldboy” as part of his revenge trilogy in 2003, and it won the prestigious Grand Prix prize at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival. It is loosely based on a Japanese manga, and follows Oh Daesu (Choi Minsik), who, after being released from a fifteen-year imprisonment, seeks revenge on his captor. It is noted for its themes of revenge, incest, and violence, and features a remarkable fight scene shown in a single continuous shot.

A release date for the Hollywood “Oldboy” has not been confirmed.

Source: Soulculture


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