Korean netizens express their embarrassment over Jeju Island’s incident with JYJ

19 Jul

Jeju Island’s cancellation of JYJ’s upcoming appearance for the promotional event of Jeju’s Seven New Wonders of The World has created an impact not only in South Korea, but also on an international scale.

On the 17th of July, The 7 World Wonder Project, lead by the New7Wonders, updated their official Twitter account with message to KBS. On the said update, the official account revealed, “To all our friends in Korea, time to kiss and make up!”

Furthermore, the official account relayed a message to JYJ’s Jaejoong by saying, “that is the right spirit!” The reply comes into consideration after Jaejoong declared that he will continue promoting the nomination despite being cancelled by Jeju Island’s Government and KBS Jeju.

Recently, JYJ’s Jaejoong gained the attention of his followers after he tweeted, “If there are obstacles in prompting our own country’s natural scenery, then under these conditions I will have to promote it by myself.” He then changed his profile photo to Jeju’s landscape.

The large-scale speculation comes after Jeju’s local governement along with New7Wonders Foundation and KBS Jeju appointed JYJ to become Honorary Ambassadors for the island’s nomination but cancelled such four days prior to their special broadcast concert.

The first blow came after KBS Jeju sent out a statement of their cancellation by announcing, “In our final stages of our broadcast preparation, our plans for SNSD and f(x)’s appearances became possible and we have expressed out greatest apologies to JYJ’s representatives”. C-Jes Entertainment confirmed that they have not received an apology, announcing that they will seek legal actions on this incident.

Netizens who have heard of the large-scale publication have voiced out their anger stating, “This is an international embarrassment” and “I do not understand what is going on. If you knew from the beginning this would happen, why did you use them?”

What are your thoughts now that the international media has taken hold of the Jeju Island event?

Source: Sports Chosun and JYJ3
Shared : koreaboo.com


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