BEAST members reveal their thoughts on competition with MBLAQ

21 Jul

On July 20th, the members of BEAST appeared on MBC’s “Golden Fishery – Radio Star.” During the episode, the members were asked about their ongoing competition with MBLAQ. BEAST and MBLAQ debuted around the same time in late 2009. Due to their debut dates, netizens have always suggested a rivalry.

In response, BEAST responded with, “At the moment, I believe we are ranked a little ahead of MBLAQ.” Doojoon then continued with, “When we had just debuted, MBLAQ pushed ahead of us a lot. We felt foolish in comparison, and we even contemplated doing something else for a living.” Doojoon also added, “We were even envious of the light that Rain shined down on MBLAQ.”

The BEAST members also stated, “Even though were are on top of MBLAQ in terms of popularity at the moment, we are always in competition with each other.”

MBLAQ is currently promoting “Mona Lisa” on music shows. BEAST is in Japan promoting “Bad Girl” and will perform at the United Cube Concerts starting in Korea on August 14th.

Check out the segment below!


Source: Newsen, TV Report, and Oumae25
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