Hwanhee trashes 2,000 copies of his new album

21 Jul

Hwanhee last release was a digital single with May Doni, entitled “Strangers,” in December 2010. Since then, he has not released any new songs. He revealed on May 19th that he had finished recording a new studio album, but was unsure of the title track or the release date.

The time has finally come. Hwanhee will be releasing his latest album, “죽을 것만 같아 (I Feel Like I’m Going to Die)” on July 29th. However, similar to Infinite’s album production problem, Hwanhee has already trashed over 2,000 copies of his new album.

His agency stated, “Just a week before the album’s release on July 29th, the initial 2,000 copies of the album have been disposed of. There were some fine differences that we had to fix.”

The agency continued, “It is an album full of heart and soul and we wanted to dispose of anything that was less than perfection.” They also stated, “Right now, the problem is releasing the album on the 29th. It may cost the company more money, but fans will be satisfied with the complete album.”

Hwanhee debuted twelve years ago with Brian Joo as the duo Fly To The Sky. His new mini album will celebrate the R&B ballad tracks that he has performed since his debut. Brian Joo has been promoting Hwanhee’s upcoming album. Brian Joo tweeted, “Hey y’all, my BEST friend @ducati0117 a.k.a. Hwanhee’s new album “죽을 것만 같아” (I Feel Like I’m Going to Die) will be released on 7/29/2011 ;)”

Are you excited for Hwanhee’s upcoming album?

Source: @Brianjoomuzik and Newsen
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One Response to “Hwanhee trashes 2,000 copies of his new album”

  1. earthstar July 25, 2011 at 6:00 AM #

    If he feels its not going to do him justice …then let them be trashed.In the meantime do we get to see teasers ?

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