Park Yoochun and Lee Dahae explain their absence during “Miss Ripley” party

21 Jul

Park Yoochun and Lee Dahae’s absence on the drama’s celebration party has caused some speculations online. Following the drama’s finale, the production team threw a celebration party, with their lead actors Park Yoochun and Lee Dahae unable to attend.

To clarify the issue, an official from Lee Daehae’s office confirmed that, “In relation to her activities in China, she had be shooting on that day. As it was not possible to remove this from her schedule, she was inevitably not able to attend the party. It is not due to any conflicts with any of the crew.”

Meanwhile, Park Yoochun’s representatives also declared that, “There was a shooting for an advertisement scheduled during this day. This was scheduled before deciding to participate in the drama so we could not avoid it. We were planning for him to attend after the shooting a little later, but the shooting ran later than we expected so it was not possible.”

The clarifications were sent after the two lead actors from the hit drama were unable to attend which sparked online speculations that the absences were due to a feud between the two. Both parties have now explained that the two stars were not able to attend because of their schedules.

Source: SharingYoochun
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