YG Entertainment and Avex join forces as YGEX

21 Jul

Korean entertainment company YG Entertainment just revealed its upcoming plans through a press conference. The company will be working together with Japanese label Avex in the future, as both companies are set to unite in the form of a new label called “YGEX”. The creation of this label will bring a bright future for YG artists who’re trying to break into Japan as they’re being backed by one of Japan’s biggest labels. They will, however, not be binding themselves to Asia, but will spread the “YG Pop” sound through the whole world.

The name is “YGEX”, attributing to the collaboration of YG FAMILY “YG” with AVEX “EX”. “EX” also inspired by words like “EXPERIENCE” and “EXCLUSIVE”, carries connotations of it being the one and only label you can experience YG FAMILY.

The collaboration between YG, not bound to just Asia now spreading as a worldwide trend “YG POP”, and AVEX who has always innovated and led the Japanese music scene, is definitely a match up bound to create a new and unpredictable form of entertainment.

YGEX’s official website was also launched during the event and features links to the 5 currently active YG artists Psy, Se7en, 2NE1, Big Bang and Gummy. The site is available in Korean, Japanese and English.

In the meantime it was also revealed that solo singer Gummy will be returning in October with a new release. She will be working together with another YG Family member for her comeback.

Solo singer Se7en will also be making his comeback in the near future, with the release of a new mini album.

Together with all this exciting news, YG also revealed plans for an upcoming YG Family concert in Japan.

Source: YGX, YGLcrazyxcami, @YGLadies and @WeLoveDara
Shared : koreaboo.com

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