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(Fanart) For Changmin’s Birthday

18 Feb

(Fanart) No Title ….

5 Feb

JYJ funny Stuf

Bigbang Over Flower

Read your book ^^

Credite : lily_cassiopeia

(Fanart) Kpop Idol Anime_SUJU

4 Feb

Choi Siwon and Labrador

Cho Gyuhyun and Yuki Sohma

Credite : lily_cassiopeia

(Fanart) K-idol

31 Jan

Source : JYJ musicessay and jihoonfans

Cr : lily_cassiopeia

(Fanart) Kpop Idol Anime TVXQ and JYJ

28 Jan

Hello Korean Lovers ^0^

28 Jan

Welcome to our site. It’s all about korea, you can also find other one. It’s part of our page on facebook . Difference between our page this blog will give you information about culture, fashion talk, habit, tradition,  fanart, fanfict, and other. To read news you can see our page, and to read culture, fanfict, or other please read in this blog. Kamsahamnida…. ^^