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(Fanfict) Seasons in My Heart_Part 1

18 Feb

Profile :
Main Cast : Shim Changmin TVXQ

Park Hyeri

Other Cast : find by yourself ^^

Length : Continued

Genre : Romance, Friendship, Betrayal

Readers : 15 +

Themesong : Everything We Touch, Sunao ni Narenakute, Hard To Say I love You

Author POV :
World never stand at the same, it’s always change
Someone comes and goes
How about love?
Will it change?
Like a season
Cold like winter, Warm like summer
Beautiful like spring, sad like autumn
Walk around seasons in my heart
Hold your hand….. What will happen then

Seasons in My Heart

I still hear your voice when you sleep next to
I still feel your touch in my dreams

I woke up and found her sleep next to me. Yeah, she is my wife. We got married 5 months ago. I can’t find good reason why I did that. I just know I’ve married good girl and she is my parents choice.


“Changmin-ah…. Ehm we want to disscuss something. Can you come to appa’s room after finish your lunch???”

“Ne. Appa, something has gone wrong?” asked Changmin cause he saw his appa’s expression was really serious, but appa didn’t say anything.

After finished my lunch, I went to appa’s room he sat behind workbench and eumma stood by appa. I felt something bad happened.

“Oh…. Changmin-ah. Please sit” said eumma and she sat beside appa.

“Changmin-ah. Now, you’re 25 years old and it’s time for you to have a family. And you know appa and eumma can’t waiting more than this to rock our grandchild in our arms. We need heir to continuing family name : Shim. “

“But appa I can’t. I don’t have yeojachingu and never interested wih yeoja. They just like me cause I’m Shim not I’m Changmin. They approache me cause prestige, wealth, and handsomeness. If I didn’t have it, they wouldn’t approached me. And I don’t want marry girl like that.”

“Changmin-ah. Actually, we agreed to give in marriage you and appa’s business partner daughter.”

“What???? Are you kidding???” shout and I felt my eyes began to burn.

“Changmin-ah . We’re your parent don’t shout like that. Can you??? Calm down, please. We’ve reason why we decide this” said eumma.

“She is good girl, come from honorable family and appa’s partner daughter. We can’t force you marry her, but before you decide it you must meet her first and after that up to you.”

“Mianhae appa. I need time, I’ll give answer tomorrow.” I left them and went to my office.

“I don’t care even my family becomes my enemy. I’ll never marry girl whom doesn’t I love.” said Changmin and took a deep breath. He drove his car at fast pace.

Forgive me my weakness, but I don’t know why
Without you it’s hard to survive

Hyeri POV

“Good morning.” I said

“Yeah good morning.”

“Oppa, are you okay??? I watch you and you didn’t realized, I woke up. Tell me what’s going on???”



“Hei, don’t scream beside my ear want make me deaf, huh???? “ hahaha he shocked

“Hufth, okay. OMG… Oppa is it Sunday???”

“Yeah. I’ve promise with eommonim. Why you didn’t wake me up??? Shit. I should take a shower 1hour ago. “

“Take shower??? You can do now, come on. “ he hold my hand.

“Hei don’t …….. “ before finished my words. We entered bathtub and…………..

‘Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling
And everytime we kiss, I swear I could fly
Can’t you feel my heart beat fast?
I want this to last
I need you by my side

Changmin POV

Hahaha…. I like her expression…. Hyeri, Hyeri nothing change although I’ve married you. But you change my life, you’re the thanksful person. Always beside me when I grew weary, your touch, your eyes, your smile, your laugh and everything yours erase my sadness.

“Oppa, wei….. “

“Ehhhh….. what?”

“You’re strange, but you’re cute. Chauffeur me please. Yeah…. Oppa please”

“After insulted me you want me……. “ before finished she kissed me.

“Come on oppa” I just can smile and take car key.

Hard to say I love you
I can’t still say that
I love you more than anybody else.
Even if I can’t touch your heart
please stay by my side the same.

I’m still loving you eventhough your love finally kill my heart. Why you leave me alone??? Maybe don’t love is the best choice. Everyone said it would be more easy when new love come, but it’s not true. I should go, I should go hurry up. Because my sturborness will turn to tears. It’s hard even just one step forward. So, I just can crying with my back on you. Did you know what I feel now???? My heart is crying now, overflowing sadness spills out. I want tell you how much I love you, but you never give me chance to prove that. You… damn why you leave me alone??? When I’m falling in love with you. Why you didn’t give me time ??? I’m fool. I should hurry so I won’t see you left behind. I thought I could ………………………….

To be continued……..

Don’t be silent readers please. I’ll continue this fanfict If you want ^^. Give me comment to make other chapture more nice than it. You also can give some idea. ^^ Thanx

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