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Kim Junsu and Gikwang Twitter Update

26 Nov


B2stGK : Thank you, thank you, I love you. We will work really hard to be a better artist for you guys!

Junsu: Congratulations, Gi Kwang-AH ~!!

B2stGK : @0101xiahtic, haha thanks hyung ^^~~~kk have a good trip in Hawaii ^.^~~!! come back soon ~.~

Source: @0101xiahtic + @B2stGK
Translation by: WithJunsu
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JYJ ‘In Heaven’ Special Edition Ranks No. 1 on Hanteo Daily Sales

26 Nov

Credit: Hanteo + 秤砣君0924
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Rock band 4Hz reveals MV for “You For You”

26 Nov

4Hz, or 4Hertz, revealed the music video for their latest track “You For You” earlier today. The music video features the title track from the band’s first mini album “Trauma”.

The mini album features five different tracks, including “Monster”, “You For You”, “Lay Silk On My Heart”, “Prayer”, and “Trauma”. The song “Trauma” was earlier released as a single.

This young band has been participating in many different festivals since the release of their first single last June, and started off with a whole new experience by releasing their first mini album earlier this month on November 17th.

What do you think of their music video?

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Jang Woohyuk to make his small screen debut in China

26 Nov

Jang Woohyuk is set to venture in his first acting challenge, as he is set to be a male lead for an upcoming Chinese drama. He initially announced it on his official me2day account, telling his fans to cheer for him in his first acting challenge. He also uploaded a self-taken photo of himself arriving in Beijing, China.

Despite being inexperienced in the acting field, it was further revealed that Jang Woohyuk’s popularity and strong fanbase in China urged him to accept the project. He will play the lead role in the drama “My Sileok Girlfriend”, a romantic comedy that portrays the tale of Woohyuk’s character, coping with a girlfriend who has lost her memory.

Jang Woohyuk will film the drama within three months. The drama is aimed for broadcast in the middle of next year.

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JYJ’s “In Heaven”: Bidding farewell to mainstream K-pop

21 Sep

JYJ released the music video for the title track of their new album, In Heaven, yesterday. To be honest, I wasn’t flailing over my desk in excitement over the new video…but I was excited to finally hear a recording of “In Heaven” that wasn’t disgraced by inappropriately placed fangirl screams in the background.

The music video certainly isn’t your everyday, ankle-deep K-pop MV fare, which is definitely something to be thankful for. But it seemed to me that the dramatic nature of the video was trying to compete with the dramatic nature of the song…and in the end, both sides lose. “In Heaven” is a really great song – arguably one of JYJ’s most impressive works to date – and the MV was shot really well, despite having a painfully cliched storyline. The two individual components of the MV – the song and the videography – tug at the heartstrings in just the right way when presented alone. But put it together and it tends to cheapen the effectiveness of either component.

But enough pseudo-legitimate artistic criticism from me. Check out the MV for yourself:

Though at times it may not seem like it, I have a lot of respect for JYJ. I really do. Granted, I don’t agree with a lot of things they’ve done – sue SM, produce the atrocity that was “Ayyy Girl,” spam photos of their cats via Twitter…amongst others. Nor do I feel all that bad for them and their current situation. Sure, it sucks to be constantly cockblocked by every television network in Korea, and they’ve probably made more enemies in the entertainment world than friends within these past few years. On the surface, JYJ’s story is pretty tragic: they gave up the glory of being in one of the most celebrated Asian pop acts in K-pop history so they could pursue their true dreams…and in return, the entire K-pop industry avoids them like a Damascene crowd fleeing from a trio of lepers.

But even so, I don’t pity them too much because I think that ultimately, they’re gonna be okay.

As someone who spends a lot of time examining K-pop in detail, I find it difficult to view JYJ’s music in the same way that I view most other K-pop music. To me, K-pop is defined by trends and their influence throughout the K-pop spectrum, as well as their evolution with every new promotional concept. Within mainstream K-pop, every ‘fresh’ concept is a derivation from an old idea, which is why K-pop music oftentimes comes across as being redundant and unoriginal. But in the same way, redundancy is arguably what keeps a loyal fanbase coming back for more.

Back in their heyday as a five-membered group, DBSK was arguably a leader of trends within the mainstream K-pop scene. But now, JYJ has detached themselves from mainstream K-pop, and thus has detached themselves from mainstream K-pop trends as well.

And that’s kind of amazing, if you really think about it.

The current trend-based K-pop system is manufactured in a way that allows little to no musical or artistic flexibility, which is a pretty sucky situation when it comes to K-pop idols who are clearly in it for something more than mere popularity awards or fangirls worshipping them at their feet. I’d be more than willing to argue that JYJ’s principal reason for leaving SM wasn’t merely financial, and that it probably had something to do with the fact that Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu have long proven themselves to be competent musicians that are capable of making music outside of the confines of an entertainment institution like SM.

Even when SM allows one of their artists to put a self-composed work on an upcoming album, it rarely makes it onto the album’s version A tracklist and is often relegated to Bonus-Track-Land on the repackage version. Needless to say, there’s no way in hell SM (or any other K-pop company, for that matter) would ever let an idol’s self-composed work serve as a promotional single. In the end, K-pop artists serve as vehicles for trends – but if the current trend is defined by autotune and shiny spandex pants and made-up words that end in “-tic”….well, I’d want out, too.

JYJ’s been effectively exiled from the mainstream K-pop scene, sure. But at the same time, they’ve also been freed of the burden of keeping up with the trends and sacrificing artistry for the sake of profit. The end result? Few promotional opportunities and gratuitous amounts of drama – but for the first time in their careers, JYJ can say that their music is truly theirs. No trends driving their inspiration, no fangirl hormonal desires to feed. Say what you want about their business tactics, but at the very least, JYJ’s music is clean and honest.

Ree wrote an article earlier today about the possibility of JYJ re-integrating itself back into mainstream K-pop. For many people, this news is a cause for celebration – and for good reason: JYJ’s been through way too much crap and are way too talented to be denied of basic performing rights due to office politics and red tape. Personally, I did do a little fangirl squee when Leeteuk and Eunhyuk played “Chajatta” on Sukira. But at the same time, I’m really quite satisfied with the way things currently are. The flames between SM and JYJ are starting to cool – SM now only fancies itself the father of the prodigal son – but I reckon that they’re currently so busy taking care of their other kids so that reining back JYJ has become less of a priority. And while JYJ might not be completely satisfied with their current celebrity status, they’re starting to settle firmly into the roles of musicians and artists, rather than idols – and they’ve done the work to show it.

“In Heaven” isn’t a perfect song with a perfect MV. It doesn’t follow any trends and it’s not out there with the intent of winning any awards. It doesn’t boast flashy visuals with good-looking guys making bedroom eyes at the camera. In the most basic sense of the word, “In Heaven” isn’t a K-pop song, and JYJ isn’t a K-pop group. And thank goodness for that.

Credit: Patricia@seoulbeats

Source: JYJ3

GD&TOP, Se7en, BEAST, 4minute, G.NA, Secret, ZE:A and Kim Gunmo to attend “Hallyu Dream Concert”

21 Aug

The “2011 Hallyu Dream Festival” has updated their list of performers! On a press release confirmed today, it was announced that GD&TOP, Se7en, BEAST, 4 minute, G.NA, Secret, ZE:A and Kim Gunmo are due to attend and perform.

The new batch of performers will join Girls’ Generation, 2PM, TVXQ, SHINee, and miss A who were previously confirmed for the event.

“Hallyu Dream Festival” is a three-day event which will take place in Gyeongju, South Korea. Korean actor Ryu Siwon will hold an official fanmeeting for the festival’s first day. It will include a birthday concert, photo zone and many other surprises.

On the third and final day, the festival will hold a “Hallyu Dream Concert” which will feature Korea’s best entertainment acts. Confirmed artists to join the event are mentioned above.

Meanwhile, it is also rumored that the event will have a total of 18 artists and plans to add five more acts to the list. The concert will be on the 3rd of October in Gyeongju’s Citizen Stadium.

What do you think of the festival’s line-up? Are you attending the event?

Source: VisitKoreaYear and iBigbang

Mighty Mouth’s Shorry J apologizes for his antics on “Star King”

21 Aug

Mighty Mouth’s Shorry J sent his personal apologies after a recent episode of “Star King” earned criticisms from international fans. On last week’s episode, “Star King” was criticized for portraying a false representation of Muslims, specifically Arabs.

The fiasco started after a Korean-American Ruby Estelle, who currently lives in Saudi Arabia, wanted to showcase her talent and promote Arabian culture on the program.

On one offense, Shorry J took part in the role playing, as he appeared on the segment in full traditional garb. However, after promoting Arab’s traditional clothing, Shorry J put up a rifle and scared the show’s host Kang Hodong away, a false representation of Muslims being terrorists.

After the episode, viewers took their anger to various mediums such as the show’s homepage, Facebook, and Youtube to express their disappointment. Immediately after the episode was aired, SBS issued their official stance on the issue and directly apologized to the Muslim and Arab community.

On a personal note, Shorry J sent his own apology on social networking site Twitter. On the 19th of August, Shorry J was quoted saying,” A thousand apologies for my behavior on Star King. It was very wrong of me to play the role of an Arabian police. I didn’t mean that Arabians are terrorists. Please don’t get me wrong.”

By the end of his tweet, Shorry J apologized once more by saying, “I’m not racist, and I have no prejudice feelings against the Arabian culture. Sorry for my disrespectful behavior once again.”

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Jeju Island senator requests an official clarification and apology from KBS

22 Jul

Amidst the recent controversy regarding KBS’s cancellation of JYJ’s broadcast appearance for Jeju Island’s nomination event, a politician from Jeju’s Parliament addressed an official statement today.

Addressing the matter on international embarrassment over the entire issue, Senator Kim Jaeyoon expressed, “JYJ was scheduled to appear on a special broadcast on the 20th, yet was suddenly cancelled 4 days before the event, causing Hallyu fans to voice their statements and bringing such international embarrassment.”

Kim added, “The media has raised speculation of external pressures. The situation became more controversial as groups from JYJ’s former entertainment company, whom JYJ are on trial with, replaced JYJ.”

Prior to closing his statement, the senator was also quoted saying, “KBS formally announced that the reason is because of popularity [ie. SNSD and f(x) are more popular than JYJ], but they deserve criticism for not having ‘clear criteria’ for their broadcasts and going against the promise they made to citizens.”

In the end, Senator Kim demanded KBS to apologize to the citizens, domestic and international fans for breaking the promise and causing international embarrassment. He also asked the broadcasting station to reveal and clearly explain the reason for cancelling JYJ.

With all the drama that has surrounded JYJ and Jeju Island’s nomination, what are your thoughts now that a politician is involved with the matter?

Source: Media Jeju, @sojaednews and SharingYoochun
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Infinite’s Japanese showcases successful

21 Jul

Seven-male group Infinite had their first Japanese showcase for their debut on July 17th in Osaka “Namba 8.” The showcase is only the beginning of their Japanese activities. Infinite attracted not only fans, but local media as well who took interest in their debut.

Infinite performed over 10 songs including their debut Japanese song “TO RA WA,” “BTD,” “She’s Back,” among others. They received cheers for their powerful stage performances.

Netizens have said, “They’ve hit the jackpot in Japan!” “I’m so proud of them,” “They’re Hallyu stars now!” and “They’re getting a lot of attention.”

They had their 2nd showcase at Zepp Tokyo on the 19th and are currently promoting their first studio album in Korea that was released on the 20th.

Be Mine

Voice of My Heart

Can U Smile


Source: Newsen, mykikwang and minhyuuuuk
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Hwanhee trashes 2,000 copies of his new album

21 Jul

Hwanhee last release was a digital single with May Doni, entitled “Strangers,” in December 2010. Since then, he has not released any new songs. He revealed on May 19th that he had finished recording a new studio album, but was unsure of the title track or the release date.

The time has finally come. Hwanhee will be releasing his latest album, “죽을 것만 같아 (I Feel Like I’m Going to Die)” on July 29th. However, similar to Infinite’s album production problem, Hwanhee has already trashed over 2,000 copies of his new album.

His agency stated, “Just a week before the album’s release on July 29th, the initial 2,000 copies of the album have been disposed of. There were some fine differences that we had to fix.”

The agency continued, “It is an album full of heart and soul and we wanted to dispose of anything that was less than perfection.” They also stated, “Right now, the problem is releasing the album on the 29th. It may cost the company more money, but fans will be satisfied with the complete album.”

Hwanhee debuted twelve years ago with Brian Joo as the duo Fly To The Sky. His new mini album will celebrate the R&B ballad tracks that he has performed since his debut. Brian Joo has been promoting Hwanhee’s upcoming album. Brian Joo tweeted, “Hey y’all, my BEST friend @ducati0117 a.k.a. Hwanhee’s new album “죽을 것만 같아” (I Feel Like I’m Going to Die) will be released on 7/29/2011 ;)”

Are you excited for Hwanhee’s upcoming album?

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