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(University & Exchange) INHA University SUMMER SCHOOL

7 Feb

Welcome to Inha University!

Exchange Student

Every year Inha University welcomes more than 100 exchange students from all over the world. Exchange student program at Inha is a great way for international students to experience the unique Korean culture, learn the Korean language and to make new friends. We accept applications for a semester or a full academic year.

Students who are eligible to apply for our exchange student program should first contact the international office at their home university about the application procedures and deadlines.

For more information about our campus life, please read our guide book ( for international students.

General Profile of Inha University

Inha University is a private university located in Incheon, South Korea. Having been founded as the Inha Institute of Technology in 1954, the Hanjin Group, led by the former chairman Choong-Hoon Cho, took over the administration of Inha University in 1968. Inha University boasts a long tradition and heritage focusing on the natural sciences and engineering, and has produced generations of qualified engineers, entrepreneurs, and experts in various industrial sectors. Inha University has been consistently among the finest in various college evaluations nationally and internationally.

Incheon, Inha University’s hometown, especially since the opening of Incheon International Airport, is now gearing up to become the hub of international logistics and business for the Northeast Asian region. The city of Incheon and Inha University are in fact close partners who always seek to cooperate in the building of a better future based on a shared past and tradition.

Recognizing the importance of international cooperation among universities throughout the world, Inha University has also established a number of exchange agreements with major foreign universities and maintains friendly relationships with them.

About The City of Incheon

A gateway to Northeast Asia with both international port and international airport in its hand, Incheon is located in the mid-west Korean peninsula abutting the Yellow Sea. From Incheon, you can jump on the Metro in the city and be on the center of Seoul within one hour. For more information about Incheon, please go to

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