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2PM Performed Heartbeat +10 out of 10 @Be Mezamashi

12 Jul

Enjoy’s 2PM’s performance in Okinawa!

The fans went wild during the boys’ performance!!

2PM Hands Up Trot Version !!!!!

6 Jul

Want to hear 2pm Hands Up trot version? Check below 🙂
A fan made a trot version of it and it sounds good yet funny 🙂

cr: MrUccmembers
dajeonglee @dkpopnews.net

2PM Made Their Comeback “Like A Movie” On Inkigayo, So “HAND’S UP” Everyone

26 Jun

The boys made their comeback on Inkigayo with 2 songs ,check out the videos here!


TVXQ, 2PM, Super Junior, Kim Hyun Joong, Attends UAM Lauch Party

25 Jun

Korea’s top idol bands TVXQ, 2PM, Super Junior, SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong and many other artistes attended the opening of UAM.

On the 24th, the artistes gathered at Banyan Tree Club and Spa in Seoul for the “UAM (United Asia Management) launch party”.

UAM is an asian entertainment agency; a collaboration between the 6 major entertainment agencies in Korea, namely KeyEast, Am Entertainment, Star J Entertainment, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment, with the main aim of promoting the Hallyu wave.

UAM plans to focus on mainly network media, through the internet, aiding artistes from the 6 major companies to enter the world market through movies, dramas and variety show productions.

On this day, many artistes such as TVXQ, Kim Hyun Joong, Super Junior and 2pm gathered together for the launch of UAM.

Source: [baidutvxq] and [SSTV]
Translation credits: smallricee@tohosomnia.net
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2PM to release 2nd studio album in 2 weeks

8 Jun

Beastly group 2PM recently attended Coca Cola’s 125th Anniversary exhibit opening that was held in Seoul. Interviews were conducted during the opening and the news of their Korean comeback has spread.

2PM has been active in Japan; they have been studying Japanese and promoting their most recent single, “Take Off.” Their debut single did well on the Oricon Chart, placing a high 4th on Daily charts.

At the end of May, JYP revealed a short preview of 2PM’s new song, teasing fans mercilessly.

The group will release their 2nd studio album, which is currently untitled, and will have the first teaser video revealed on June 13th. The actual album is set to be released on June 21st.

Are you looking forward to 2PM’s comeback?

Source: TV Daily, @Memoria_S2 and 2oneday
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JYPE to design official 2PM lightstick named by fans

23 May

With BEAST getting their official color earlier this month, we can expect to see dark grey oceans at their performances. But for fans of 2PM, they’ll now be able to show their support in a new way.

An event hosted by the official Hottest Fancafe on YOZM was launched today with this notice:

“Surprise event! Please give 2PM’s official light stick a name. In the reaction comments, we will be selecting 2 people who have suggested a name and will be giving them the 2PM photobook as a present. The event is until 9PM today.~^^ (Even if the name has been chosen, it may not be used as the official name for the light stick)”

Will you be purchasing their official lightstick when it is released?

Sources: 2oneday and Hottest YOZM
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Fuji TV’s Boss Official Staff Talks About 2PM

23 May

2011/05/20 – “2PM makes a guest appearance in episode 6!”

How are you? This is OKA-PI!!

Now then, in the upcoming episode 6,
Korea’s popular idols “2PM” will make a guest appearance.
I’ll share you some of the heat from that scene with a photograph!
(Sorry, the boys are not in the picture.)

Despite their hard schedule and unfamiliarity with drama appearances,
they were courteous and did their very best.
Even our BOSS melted over their serious effort?
Please look forward to her lovestruck expressions!!

This was OKA-PI reporting.

2011/05/21 — “The answer to having fun”

Hi. This is No. P2.

Now, the answer to having fun after the broadcast.
Just as I had expected, Team BOSS, Sanspo and Mezamashi TV have already looked this up.
That’s right, in episode 6 next week, those super stars hailing proudly from Korea:
beastly idols “2PM” will make a guest appearance!

It will be their very first appearance in a Japanese drama ☆

They appeared as themselves,
but even added some ad libs to their original Japanese lines.
We managed to shoot a very enjoyable scene.

Of course, they performed for us as well,
and I (No. P2) snuck up to the front to watch them. They were so cool ☆☆☆
Off-camera, they’re wonderful people, filled with refreshing smiles,
but the minute they start performing, their vibe changes completely,
and we all fell in love with that contrasting personality.
On the next day of filming, everyone just kept talking about “2PM”.

Here, I would like fans of “2PM” to please take note!

I’m sure everyone from Team BOSS will be watching this episode,
but there may be some folks who only want to see 2PM.
Please watch the episode until the very end ☆, otherwise you’ll miss them….

It’d be great if these fans could start watching BOSS because of 2PM. ♪

Source: BOSS official staff blog
Translation by fantaisie @ W2D
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2PM Interview On “BOSS” Official Website

23 May

Korea’s No. 1 boys group 2PM appears in “BOSS” episode 6!

After debuting in Korea in 2008, they stood in the limelight, making a breakthrough in one bound. They then swept away various awards, and now, having finally made their Japan debut in May this year, this boys group 2PM will appear on episode 6 of “BOSS”.

In contrast with the original idol image, 2PM is a 6-member group called the “beastly idols” because of their wild, testosterone-filled vibe. These boys will star in an episode with our BOSS, Osawa Eriko (Amami Yuki) and the members of her division!

Their joint scene has 2PM doing their biggest seller: a cool and sexy performance. How will it turn out? Check out the details in the episode airing on 26 May (Thurs). Now, we shall introduce 2PM’s comments about their appearance!

Special interview with 2PM
We’ve asked the group a few questions! >>>>>

Q1. What was it like, appearing in “BOSS”?
TAEC: I was shocked when I heard about our appearance, but it’s truly an honor.
CHAN: I’ll do my very best to be of some help to the cast.
JUNHO: I’m just so very honored to have the opportunity to appear in a popular Japanese drama, and I’m also really happy that the lead actress, Amami Yuki-san, treated us kindly.
KHUN: I’m very honored, and I hope we can try out more Japanese dramas from here on.
JUNSU: I’m extremely happy and honored that we can appear in the drama as 2PM.
WOO: At first, I was really shocked to hear about our appearance in “BOSS”, and it drove me to work harder on Japanese. I think I still have a lot to learn, so I’ll work even harder with the hopes that we’ll get a casting call again.

Q2. All of you appeared as yourselves, but please tell us the highlights of that scene.
TAEC: The zombie dance, the group acrobatics, and last of all… the part where we rip our clothes open. (laughs)

Q3. Japanese fans participated in the shoot as well. What was it like, interacting with them?
CHAN: We didn’t expect so many fans to come, so we were quite surprised. We gained strength from their support, so we managed to work even harder.

Q4. If you could appear in a Japanese drama in the future, what role would you want to play?
CHAN: I’d like to star in many kinds of dramas, but more than that, I’m very grateful for the opportunity to have activities in Japan.
TAEC: Considering it realistically…. I’d like to play a Korean character. (laughs) I want to play the role of a Korean who studied Japanese and came to Japan, with the hopes that the role can give courage to these people in real life.
WOO: I love the drama called “Hotaru no Hikari”, starring Ayase Haruka-san, so I hope to play a character that’s just as innocent and cheerful.
JUNSU: I’ve never actually thought about that, but… if I had to choose, I’d like to try playing a Japanese high school student.
KHUN: I’m still lacking in Japanese, so a character I could play at this point would be, of course, a foreigner.
JUNHO: I wanted to try playing a high school student too…
KHUN: So appear in the drama as Junsu’s friend. (laughs)
JUNHO: Okay. I also want to take on a character like Ryuzaki* in “Death Note”. I really like that sort of vibe.

Q5. Please give a message to the viewers of “BOSS”.
TAEC: I think a lot of people will learn about us for the first time by watching “BOSS”. We’re always working hard to give a passionate stage performance, so if this piques your interest, I hope you can support us. Please give us a lot of love.
CHAN: For those who are watching us for the first time, you may find us a little strange, but once you get to know us well, maybe you’ll think we’re actually not bad. (laughs) Please continue to support us.
WOO: Our appearance in the drama was brief, so it may be hard to know everything about us from that scene. We’ll do our very best in our activities from here on, so I hope that, in the future, you could spend a lot of time watching and learning about us.
JUNSU: It’d be great if you could understand that we’re a performance group by watching the drama. We have different performances too, depending on the song, so I hope you will keep watching us.
KHUN: We’ve released a single called “Take Off”, so if any of you take a liking to us after watching “BOSS”, please check it out. Please give us your support!
JUNHO: We want to give everyone in Japan great songs to listen to. We’ll do our best!

*T/N: “Ryuzaki” is one of the many aliases of a character called “L” from the popular Japanese manga, “Death Note”.

Source: “BOSS” official website
Translation by fantaisie @ W2D
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CD&DL Data June 2011

15 May

Jpn-Kor: 왓탐 진로 @whattimeisit, Kor-Eng: Egle @2pmalways | Scans by Yooko_11

6 people going towards the future
2PM are the beastly idols with No. 1 popularity in Asia. The single they are debuting in Japan with marks a new step for them as well, as it is a speedy and fresh song. We’ve asked the members, who are highly motivated to work in Japan, for their commentaries about this song, as well as their current honest thoughts.

I want to enjoy singing this piece, thinking that we can do it, because we’re still this young (Taecyeon)

Q. We’ve listened to your Japanese debut single “Take Off”. It’s a speedy song overflowing with freshness, which can be hardly attributed to the “Beastly idols”.
Nichkhun: Where you surprised?

Q: Yes, very much so. It is also very enjoyable and feels like it shows a different side of 2PM.
Taecyeon: We were also surprised when we first heard the song, because it was very different from the usual “2PM style” color. Except for “10 Points Out of 10” we have a lot of sad love story songs, but this one is very bright and positive in both – the lyrics and the melody. I think it’s a song that matches well people in their early 20s like us. I want to enjoy singing this piece, thinking that we can do it, because we’re still this young.
Junho: You can feel the freshness in the sound as well. I made up my mind to work hard with confidence, because I think this song expands our possibilities.

Q. Actually, it feels like through this song it is possible to feel the real 2PM even more.
Nichkhun: 100% bright?
Junsu: Actually, we’re even more chaotic in person (laughs).

Q. 2PM displays a profound manly charisma on stage, but up close you seem to be bubbly and naïve. You are also very nice and polite. When we get to know you better, this difference between your features surprises people, how can you change your images so well?
Taecyeon: I think that not a single artist comes up on stage to perform, being exactly as he is in real life. An artist is just like an actor playing the role of some character – he has to play the act of the character in the lyrics, song after song. I think that a singer must change his ways of expression according to the color of the song.

Q. Then what kind of character lies in “Take Of”?
Taecyeon: (laughs) A superman, who leads everyone towards a bright future!
Nichkhun: We might be repeating ourselves, but isn’t it good just to sing it out loud? There’s a message in the song, we’re the messengers who relay it. So we need a kind of expression which could represent the song. In my case, I do a little bit of mind control backstage. Sometimes even telling myself “I’m a cute youth”…

Q. How do you want to express the worldview shown in “Take Off”?
Wooyoung: The message of “Take Off” is a hopeful departure. I sang imagining the moment of open freedom when the plane takes off from the ground.

Q. Ah, so that’s how it is. What are the hard points of trying to express the meaning in a foreign language?
Nichkhun: That’s exactly the part we had to work the hardest on.
Junho: Since it is a bright song, we were supposed to enjoy recording it, but we were focusing on the correct pronunciation a lot, because if we were to pronounce the words in a bad way, the message wouldn’t be delivered to the listeners. We sang even paying attention to our own habits.

Q. For example?
Junho: Usually when I sing I make the vowels longer to express emotions, like, “a” becomes “a-a-“, “i” – “i-i”, but I was told that kind of thing in Japanese would make the understanding of words harder*. It was the first time I had to worry about the dilemma regarding emotional expression and correct pronunciation.
Junsu: That’s right. Everyone would reaffirm that expressing emotions in a foreign language was a hard thing.

Q. I wouldn’t have guessed you had that kind of worries.
Chansung: But the recording was very enjoyable! In my case, Super Changttai-hyung, who was outside of the recording booth, kept on telling me “Enjoy singing it! More, more, more, go up!”, and because of his lead, I was able to sing in good spirits.
Wooyoung: It was hard for me to record the song, because I was in the middle of filming the drama. Since Korean dramas are being filmed over a very tight schedule, I didn’t really have much time. But since it’s such a bright song with positive lyrics, I got energized just by singing it. It’s a song that gives you vitality.
Nichkhun: That’s right. “Take Off” is really a song which can give you strength. Even the title is overflowing with energy. The words “Take Off” are really good themselves.
Taecyeon: (in low voice) “take off” has several meaning really. Like, stripping, and so on…
Chansung: Khun-hyung… are you really?!
Nichkhun: (pretends to be taking off his clothes)….!

Q. Is there a part of the song that you like the most?
Junsu: “I’ll be” and “with you~”. The melody fits well with the lyrics, and I’m doing the chorus.
Taecyeon: I like the part where all 6 members sing together “New meetings brighten up your life”.
Junsu: Also, please pay attention to my ad-libs in this part.
Chansung: I’m not saying so because it’s my own part, but I like the lyrics “The magic word which gives strong courage”.

Q. Chansung-san, you’ve picked a fairytale-like word. Then what is a “magic word” for you?
Wooyoung: When friends tell me “Let’s cheer up”. Everyone’s really busy and we can’t meet up, but I think these are the words that tie us all together. Everyone, let’s work hard until the next time we meet!
Junho: It’s cliché, but… “I love you”… I think that words like “I love you” give you the courage to move on.

Q. Oh, thank you for these phrases! We’ve seen the PV already, and it’s possible to enjoy two different sides of 2PM – the near-future fashion in other-dimensional space, as well as the natural 2PM.
Chansung: The concept is the journey of hope towards the future. You’ve said it was other dimension in space, but it was a spaceship to be more exact. It’s a story of us going into the future in that spaceship. The point of this song is the “plane-dance”.
Junsu: It was created by the person, who’s always responsible for our choreography. He created a familiar type of dance, keeping in mind that it was for our Japanese debut song.
Taecyeon: We’ve had a lot of acrobatic elements in our choreography so far, but “plane-dance” is a simple one with us spreading our arms up like wings. Everyone will be able to follow that move immediately, right?
Chansung: But it’s rather hard to match the perfect timing all together. Even as we went to Japan in March, we had to squeeze the practice in between our schedules. Despite the fact it’s been awhile since we came to Japan… Too bad (sniffs).

Q. It would be great if you could enjoy Japan during your Nationwide Tour in May. There’s a large holiday in Japan in May, called “Golden Week”. Is there something like that in Korea?
Junsu: No. Even if there was, vacation for us is like a cake in the sky. Ever since the trainee days, I don’t remember having vacation for more than 2 days. (pretends to be crying as he says that)
Junho: (as if talking to himself) If I had vacation I would go to a ranch… and play with horses… and of course turn off my phone… in a quiet place…
Chansung: I want to go to New York… A, I’m sorry. I got too carried away for a moment (laughs).
Nichkhun: There’s no such thing in Thailand as well. The only holidays in Thailand are in April (Thai New Year) and the general New Year festivals. Japan is lucky…

Q. Hmm… Sorry to have asked such a question. In order to change the mood, I suppose by the time this issue is released, you will have completed your tour already. In your opinion, what kind of tour it will be?
Junho: I’ve heard that the concert venues give the opportunity to communicate with fans from up close, so I want to meet a lot of fans.
Nichkhun: I want to experience different aspects of Japanese culture, and try out tasty dishes. I’m especially going to eat tonkotsu ramen in Fukuoka no matter what! (laughs)
Wooyoung: We’re going to work in order to give you a hot stage which blows off the stress of everyday life. From now on, please look forward for our activities.

* Note: in Japanese sometimes the length of a vowel might carry a meaning of the word, for example, “kite” is “come/coming”, while “kiite” is “listen/listening”, so singers have to be careful of when and how they make the vowels longer in the songs.

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2PM Ended The Japan Concert Tour On Last Friday

15 May

K-pop idols 2PM will wrap up their first concert tour in Japan on last friday, according to their agency JYP Entertainment.

“2PM will hold their final show at the Zepp Tokyo in Japan today,” a PR official from JYP told 10Asia over the phone on Friday.

The six-member boy band flew into Japan on May 4 and has visited several cities in the country including Sapporo on May 6, Fukuoka on May 8, Osaka on May 9 and Nagoya on May 10 for their tour titled “2PM 1st JAPAN TOUR 2011 ‘Take off.'”

“We were originally scheduled to hold five shows in the country but held an extra performance in Tokyo yesterday at the Makuhari Messe event hall since tickets for the show tonight became sold out,” the official explained.

During the tour, the group sang a slew of their hit songs such as “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop,” “Without U,” “Heartbeat” and promoted their upcoming Japanese debut single “Take Off” which is set to go on sale in the country on May 18.

Composed of members Nichkhun, Wooyoung, Junho, Chansung, Junsu and Taecyeon, 2PM has been one of the most popular boy bands in Korea since their debut in 2008, holding numerous hits under their belt including “10 out of 10,” “Again & Again,” “Only You” and “Without You.”

The boys branched out to the music market in Japan with the release of their DVD “Hottest ∼ 2PM 1st MUSIC VIDEO COLLECTION & The History ∼” in Japan last November followed by a large showcase event a month after in Tokyo’s Ryokoku Kokugikan which attracted over 25,000 local fans.

They also made an appearance on Japan’s Mezamashi TV in February, performed at the fashion show for Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC) in March and recently topped Japan’s USEN weekly music chart and lyrics search website uta-net.com’s with “Take Off.”

Source: http://www.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?idxno…051309491807805
translated by megalomania @ wild2day
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