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After School subgroups release MV teasers

19 Jul

Just last week, girl group After School confirmed the final sub-group line-ups for their upcoming round of promotions. A.S. Red members Kahi, Jungah, Nana, and UEE will showcase a sexy, powerful concept that will highlight their strong vocals, while A.S. Blue members Jooyeon, Raina, Lizzy, and E-Young will demonstrate a sweet/cute concept with summery looks.

So far, the sub-groups’ individual concept photos and jacket covers have been revealed. A.S. Blue has also revealed their tracklist.

Most recently, Pledis Entertainment revealed MV teasers from both sub-groups. A.S. Red’s debut MV will be “In the Night Sky”, while A.S. Blue’s will be for “Wonder Boy”.

A.S. Red’s “In the Night Sky” MV teaser relies on synthesizer and close-ups of the individual members. It previews a few seconds of the choreography before cutting to a shot of the girls overlooking what appears to be the cityscape.

A.S. Blue’s “Wonder Boy” MV teaser is light and breezy, kicking it off with string instrumentals and the girls beaming at the camera and playing with props like the telephone and gigantic balloons. The “Wonder Boy” MV teaser shows more of the sub-group’s choreography than does A.S. Red’s teaser.

After School will be making their Japanese debut with a Japanese remake of their hit song “Bang!”; just yesterday they released an MV teaser for the track.

Are you looking forward to the After School subgroups’ upcoming promotions? What do you expect from the subgroups’ full MVs?

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After School’s Yi Young Catches Netizen’s Attention

18 Apr

After School’s latest addition, Yi Young appeared with the original members in the music video for their ‘Road Safety’ song.
Yi Young, who appeared on MBC’s GaYoDaeJaeJeon with After School for their “BANG!” performance last year on December, 31st aroused the publics curiosity during her debut.
Even though some netizens felt Yi Young looked slightly awkward fitting in with the other members, her feminine and fresh looks captured everyone’s attention.

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Doojoon and Lizzy kissed !!!

9 Apr

BEAST’s leader DooJoon and After School kissed!

But of course it is for their sitcom “All My Love”.Their kiss is unique as a spoon added between their lips,enjoy watching the clip!

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