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ZE:A New Japanese Album Tracklist

22 Jun

『Watch Out ~Passionate Love Warning~』
Released in August 24th, 2011(Tue)

★Type-A +Photo album

 【Song List】
1. Watch Out ~熱愛注意報/Passionate Love Warning~ (Japanese ver.)
2. Here I am (Japanese ver.)
3. Love Coach (Japanese ver.)
4. Watch Out
5. Watch Out ~Passionate Love Warning~ -Instrumental-
6. Here I am -Instrumental-
7. Love Coach -Instrumental-
● 28 Pages Photo book of Japan original cut included.
● Sleeve case specification

★Type-B +DVD

 【Song List】
1. Watch Out ~Passionate Love Warning~ (Japanese ver.)
2. Here I am (Japanese ver.)
3. Love Coach (Japanese ver.)
4. Watch Out
5. Watch Out ~Passionate Love Warning~-Instrumental-
6. Here I am -Instrumental-

[DVD Specification]
1. Watch Out ~Passionate Love Warning~ (Japanese ver.) PV
2. Here I am PV (with Japanese subtitle)
3. Latest making clipA(total 10minutes)

DVD Time:20minutes

★Type-C +DVD

【Song List】
1. Watch Out ~Passionate Love Warning~(Japanese ver.)
2. New Song A(From Korean Album)
3. New Song B(From Korean Album)
4. Watch Out
5. Watch Out ~Passionate Love Warning~-Instrumental-
6. Here I am -Instrumental-

[DVD Specification]
1. Watch Out ~Passionate Love Warning~(Japanese ver.) PV
2. Watch Out (Original PV)
3. Latest Making Clip B(Total 10minutes)

DVD Time:20minutes

【Specification:Type-A・Type-B・Type-C Commonness】
● 8 Pages Booklet (inserted)
● Jewel case specification

Source: zea-japan.com
Translation: fetishoney

FT Island Conclueds Mini Album Promotion & Departs For Japan

15 Jun

5-Member band FTIsland is wrapping up their 3rd mini album promotions, to prepare for their upcoming Japan tour.

Their management company, FNC Music, revealed on the 15th that, “FTIsland is ending their mini album promotion on next week’s SBS Inkigayo. They will embark on their Japan tour which starts on the coming 29th, lasting for a month. They will leave for Japan on 28th after Hongki completes his recording for Immortal Song 2 on the previous day.”

“The members have been practising for their Japan tour on days without music shows. Though it’s unconfirmed, there are plans for an Asia tour after ending their Japan tour.”

FTIsland will depart for Japan on 28th for their first concert stop at Nagoya on 29th. The “2011 FTIsland Summer Tour Messenger” will also be held at Osaka, Tokyo and Fukuoka, with a finale concert at Tokyo Budoukan on 29th July.

Budoukan is one of the most notable concert venues in Japan. Top stars like Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Hallyu stars like Dong Bang Shin Ki, Big Bang, Ryu Siwon as well as the late Park Yongha have once stood on this stage before.

On the other hand, FTIsland have been actively promoting their 3rd mini album “RETURN” with the title song “Hello Hello” since 24th May, after almost a year since their previous comeback.

Credit: Star News + ying1005@withtreasures (translation)
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CNBlue to release a limited edition album this week

5 Apr

Following the success of their first full length album last month, CNBlue was confirmed to release a special limited edition album this week.

According to a press release by their agency FNC Music, CNBlue’s “First Step,” which was released on the 31st of March, will be repackaged as a special limited edition album. The limited edition release will include a 80 page pictorial which features photos from their music video from “Intuition” and upcoming video for “Love Girl.”

Revealing more statements, an official from the band’s company was also quoted, “We have decided to produce the special limited edition of ‘FIRST STEP’ since the fans have shown a lot of support and love for it. The new release will also reveal never-before-seen photos of the group.”

Source: 10 Asiae
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KARA sells a million albums 8 months after Japan debut

1 Apr

According to Universal Music Japan, KARA’s Japanese agency, the Korean girl group have sold over 1 million copies of their albums. This includes “Mister,” (130,000) “Jumping,” (110,000) “Girls’ Talk,” (430,000) “KARA BEST 2007-2010,” (200,000) and their DVD “KARA BEST CLIPS,” (200,000) which totaled up to 1,080,000 units sold.

It is an amazing feat for KARA as they only made their Japan debut 8 months ago. KARA saw great success and took Japan by storm with their butt dance with “Mister.” KARA will release their third Japanese single “Jet Coaster Love” on April 6th. All profits from “Jet Coaster Love” will be donated to the Japan relief fund.

KARA is the first Korean girl group to break into Japan successfully.

Source: 10Asia
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