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YG Entertainment and Avex join forces as YGEX

21 Jul

Korean entertainment company YG Entertainment just revealed its upcoming plans through a press conference. The company will be working together with Japanese label Avex in the future, as both companies are set to unite in the form of a new label called “YGEX”. The creation of this label will bring a bright future for YG artists who’re trying to break into Japan as they’re being backed by one of Japan’s biggest labels. They will, however, not be binding themselves to Asia, but will spread the “YG Pop” sound through the whole world.

The name is “YGEX”, attributing to the collaboration of YG FAMILY “YG” with AVEX “EX”. “EX” also inspired by words like “EXPERIENCE” and “EXCLUSIVE”, carries connotations of it being the one and only label you can experience YG FAMILY.

The collaboration between YG, not bound to just Asia now spreading as a worldwide trend “YG POP”, and AVEX who has always innovated and led the Japanese music scene, is definitely a match up bound to create a new and unpredictable form of entertainment.

YGEX’s official website was also launched during the event and features links to the 5 currently active YG artists Psy, Se7en, 2NE1, Big Bang and Gummy. The site is available in Korean, Japanese and English.

In the meantime it was also revealed that solo singer Gummy will be returning in October with a new release. She will be working together with another YG Family member for her comeback.

Solo singer Se7en will also be making his comeback in the near future, with the release of a new mini album.

Together with all this exciting news, YG also revealed plans for an upcoming YG Family concert in Japan.

Source: YGX, YGLcrazyxcami, @YGLadies and @WeLoveDara
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Japanese Fans are Angry at Avex’s “Killing JYJ”

1 Apr

Because Avex, the former agency, is thoroughly blocking JYJ (the 3-member unit resulting from the splitting of TVXQ consisting of Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu), it is incurring the anger of Japanese fans.

JYJ was enthusiastically giving their strength towards the restoration of Japan from the earthquakes, for instance putting forth the donation of 600 million KRW for the restoration of the northeastern region of Japan from the large earthquakes and also relaying the earthquake crisis of Japan in the World Tour due to start on April 2nd. There was also word that they will hold a charity concert in Yokohama Arena in June and would donate a portion of the performance fees and proceeds to the affected areas.

However, the news that Avex requested the Sports Newspaper (see http://wp.me/p1gQsC-2aY) and (other) influential newspapers that it wishes them to refrain from publicizing the news of JYJ’s concert and thus blocked them was reported in the daily newspaper Cyzo (see http://wp.me/p1gQsC-2gD) on the 24th.

According to the reporting, the Daily Sports Online which had posted this news deleted the news a few hous later, and it became so that in other newspaper agencies too, one could not find his news. That the news of a concert by JYJ, a group that receives tremendous support of fans, was not posted in any place whatsoever, makes it hard to erase the feelings that there were some backhanded dealings.

According to a records affiliate, Avex is restraining JYJ in order to promote/push the 2-person TVXQ which had its comeback. Avex believes that if JYJ, which has Jaejoong — the member who had the highest level of popularity in Japan – was to actively participate in Japan, it would interfere with (the 2-person) TVXQ that had its comeback, and therefore aims to thoroughly block JYJ’s activities, it is said.

On Avex’s actions that interfered with JYJ’s activities, there is the uproar of the “JYJ Excluded from Records Charts” which Oricon confessed. (see http://wp.me/p1gQsC-1Gw) On the 7th, Oricon put up an announcement which said that it will “exclude the JYJ DVD and albums which were released on March 2nd.” As for the reason, it is because (JYJ) received a command from Avex, the rightsholder to the records, to cease all activities.

That (Avex) would release and sell new albums but will eliminate (all) promotions and rankings (charts) is without mistake an act of complete disregard for JYJ. However, there is high possibility that because Avex which boasts #1 power in Japanese music industry had requested, Oricon complied.

At the (current) “Kill JYJ” by Avex which comes at the heel of the Oricon incident, the Japanese have become extremely angry. They exploded in their complaints as follows:

“I don’t understand the reason to stop them from not just anything but this concert which (JYJ wishes to do in order) to help Japan. Is it more important for Avex to “Save/Put Life into 2-person TVXQ” than to restore Japan?”

“I don’t know whether this article is to be believed. But it is true that because there was the recent Oricon incident and such, there is suspicion. Without mistake, #1 in Oricon was as good as made.”

“(JYJ) even made a donation, but to have Avex think only in terms of money, Avex is too much.”

“As a Japanese (like Avex), I am ashamed.”

At the same time, JYJ’s agency denied the article saying that the June 7th Yokohama Concert was not in the schedule. Nonetheless, the anger of the fans hinges on more than the truth and the falsity (of this particular mater). They are expressing their disappointment, saying: “It cannot be helped but be suspected, as there was the Oricon incident also,” and “Already there is nothing but bad images for Avex. Avex’s power is all a glory of the past.”

Source: JPNews

Translation Credit: JYJ3

AVEX is interfering with JYJ’s activities in Japan? Controversy over deleted news article.

31 Mar

The Korean Press echoed today what a Japanese Tabloid alleged a few days ago . Some information in this article seems to be inaccurate, as they were inaccurate in the tabloid– for instance, C-JeS said that the relief concert is not on the schedule. Readers should read this article with caution as they read the Tabloid with caution.

AVEX is interfering with JYJ’s activities in Japan? Controversy over deleted news article.

The recent claim from a Japanese news media that Avex is interfering with JYJ’s activities in Japan has come forward and become the object of a controversy.

After the massive earthquake in Eastern Japan, in addition to Japanese celebrities, Korean wave stars with many fans in Japan such as Bae Youngjoon and Lee Byunhun, have donated money for aid. Jaejoong, Yuchun, and Junsu’s unit, JYJ, are also included in such a list of celebrities.

JYJ’s 3 members debuted in Japan in 2005 with Yunho and Changmin, who are currently working as DBSK members. By being under AVEX’s management, a company which manages the most popular Japanese singers (such as Hamasaki Ayumi, Koda Kumi), they members received the same treatment as J-POP artists in Japan.

Their success comes from the fact that they didn’t outwardly promoted their image as K-POP’s best idol singers. Even when they were holding events, they rejected media which covered them as K-POP singers.

Their background is that they were able to earn great popularity by completely integrating into Japanese music scene. JYJ, who has many fans in areas affected by the earthquake, has been said to be decided as participants of the Japan donation event.

The event, which will be held on June 7th in Yokohama Arena, plans to donate part of its profit to areas affected by the earthquake. A Japanese Celebrity press representative stated, “This [will be] first JYJ’s live performance in Japan since last June. Because it’s an event many fans have been waiting for, I hope it will become widely known.”

The background of such a statement stems from AVEX, the record company managing DBSK, contacting numerous newspapers and magazine companies asking them to “eliminate advertisements relating to JYJ’s live performance.” In the end, because of AVEX’s request, Japanese press was not enthusiastic in promoting JYJ’s live performace in Japan.

JYJ and AVEX had a loud fight while DBSK was being divided. AVEX announced a stop in its support of JYJ’s activities in Japan and as a reason claimed that they were being used despite knowing about JYJ beforehand.

Than why is AVEX interfering with JYJ’s Japanese activities? According to a rep from a Japanese record company, “AVEX, who is vigorously supporting 2-member DBSK, concluded that having JYJ, which includes Jaejoong, who was most popular in Japan, will be a loss.”

People are using an article published on March 22nd at about 5am in Japan Daily Sports to prove that AVEX is interfering with JYJ’s activities in Japan. [Japan Daily Sports] posted an article with JYJ’s statement, “we believe that this earthquake is not only a sadness for Japanese people, but everyone in this world. If everyone keeps hope and remains brave, the clouds will go away and sun will shine,” but was deleted a few hours later.

Despite this, JYJ’s event in June will be held as planned. Japanese media estimates that the fight between JYJ and AVEX will be ultimately decided by the public’s decision and the number of people attending the event.

Source: Nate

Trans by: withJYJ

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JYJ states exclusion from Oricon charts are “injust”

23 Mar

In response towards fans’ complaints about JYJ’s album being excluded from the Oricon charts, the members of JYJ stated that “it is injustice” through a representative.

On March 9th, a representative of JYJ told Star News, “although Avex is preventing JYJ from activities in Japan, the company is selling their albums to gain a profit, we feel that this is ridiculous.”

He added, “when we see Japanese fans, just as their Korean fans, waiting for JYJ and being disappointed over and over again, we feel very regretful.” They continued on to say, “[Avex has] never discussed with us in regards to JYJ’s album releases, and we hope that this issue can be corrected as soon as possible.”

Recently, the Oricon charts, a very prestigious music sales ranking chart in Japan, announced that JYJ’s “Memories in 2010” DVD and “Thanksgiving Live in Dome Live CD” album will be exempt from the chart rankings.

According to Oricon, the decision was made because Avex, as the owner of these two products, already terminated their contract with the artist.

Oricon explained that because JYJ’s Japanese activities were stopped, Avex decided that these products cannot be advertised or promoted.

Avex previously announced their contract termination with JYJ, which caused Youngwoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, and Xiah Junsu to stop all activities in Japan. They released a statement saying, “when the three members of Dong Bang Shin Ki began their disputes with SM Entertainment, it means that our contract with JYJ also became invalid. Because of this reason, we immediately stopped the activities of these three members in Japan.”

What do you think of this entire situation?

Sources: Star News
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