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AKB48 member Miho Miyazaki shows interest in B1A4

8 Jul

Miho Miyazaki, a member of the popular Japanese girl group AKB48 (Team B), has caught eyes as she showed her interest in the new Korean male group, B1A4. On her Twitter account (@730myao), she wrote on July 6th, “Recently received korean group B1A4’s cd from staff ^_^ please take a listen. It’s a song that’ll make you energetic.”

An agency official said, “They have received the attention of a Japanese girl group. This is a good reaction because it means that people overseas are paying attention to them. The group will work hard and showcase their growth and development in the future.”

Have you taken a listen to B1A4’s debut album yet?

Source: Newsen
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B1A4 To Guest On MNET Japan’s Star VJ Show

25 Jun

The show that represents Mnet Japan, ‘STAR VJ SHOW’!
‘STAR VJ SHOW’ which aired in August 2010, and shows every Hallyu star that exists is airing it’s 3rd season!
In season 3, we will search for every Hallyu star that the audiences would like to meet!

To all the Japanese fans, please recommend the Hallyu star you’d like to meet!
And make a memorable moment together with your star!
We will be bringing in news of the Hallyu stars that the Japanese fans do not know, and of course the fans that would like to know new information about them!
We will be giving you the chance to meet the Hallyu stars that you dream about!

Being more perfect, ever fresher and bringing you with confidence ‘STAR VJ SHOW Season 3’!
The upgraded version of the project that shook Japan, and a popularity explosion will go pass borders, and feel the feeling of being together with your favorite Hallyu star.

The boys will be the guest VJs on July 6.

Article Credits: Mnet Japan + CAPTAIN! @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM
Translations: ryokimayuu @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM
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B1A4 Leader Jinyoung, Before Debute Had Already An Approved Flower Boy Look !

21 May

B1A4’s Leader Jinyoung, had approval for his flower-like looks before debut and this has made public discussion.

In 2008, a popularly aired show M.net ‘Flower boys arong situation’, had netizen’s vote on for the No. 1 picture which attracted them the most. M.net ‘Flower boys arong situation’ featured people like actor Song Jung gi, SHINee Jonghyun, ZE:A Mun Jun young. Many ulzzang stars who appeared on the program became famous celebrities. On this program, Jinyoung’s accidentally spreaded photo was voted as no.1 by netizens when it appeared on the program’s homepage.

Netizens who voted for him commented,”Since the start, I knew he had a flower boy look, Jinyoung!!”,”He is no different from now to the past!”,”Leader Jinyoung, he is also the leader of looks!”. This became a hot topic.

Recently, B1A4 will have a fan sign on the 21th 7.30pm at Kyobo bookstore Hot tracks Yeogdeungpo branch and also will make appearance on MBC ‘Music Core’ on the same day. They will also be going on SBS ‘Inkigayo’ on the 22th.

Translated by: 바보 Vic @ FLIGHTB1A4
Article Credits: newswave + skipfire @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM