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GD&TOP, Se7en, BEAST, 4minute, G.NA, Secret, ZE:A and Kim Gunmo to attend “Hallyu Dream Concert”

21 Aug

The “2011 Hallyu Dream Festival” has updated their list of performers! On a press release confirmed today, it was announced that GD&TOP, Se7en, BEAST, 4 minute, G.NA, Secret, ZE:A and Kim Gunmo are due to attend and perform.

The new batch of performers will join Girls’ Generation, 2PM, TVXQ, SHINee, and miss A who were previously confirmed for the event.

“Hallyu Dream Festival” is a three-day event which will take place in Gyeongju, South Korea. Korean actor Ryu Siwon will hold an official fanmeeting for the festival’s first day. It will include a birthday concert, photo zone and many other surprises.

On the third and final day, the festival will hold a “Hallyu Dream Concert” which will feature Korea’s best entertainment acts. Confirmed artists to join the event are mentioned above.

Meanwhile, it is also rumored that the event will have a total of 18 artists and plans to add five more acts to the list. The concert will be on the 3rd of October in Gyeongju’s Citizen Stadium.

What do you think of the festival’s line-up? Are you attending the event?

Source: VisitKoreaYear and iBigbang

BEAST members reveal their thoughts on competition with MBLAQ

21 Jul

On July 20th, the members of BEAST appeared on MBC’s “Golden Fishery – Radio Star.” During the episode, the members were asked about their ongoing competition with MBLAQ. BEAST and MBLAQ debuted around the same time in late 2009. Due to their debut dates, netizens have always suggested a rivalry.

In response, BEAST responded with, “At the moment, I believe we are ranked a little ahead of MBLAQ.” Doojoon then continued with, “When we had just debuted, MBLAQ pushed ahead of us a lot. We felt foolish in comparison, and we even contemplated doing something else for a living.” Doojoon also added, “We were even envious of the light that Rain shined down on MBLAQ.”

The BEAST members also stated, “Even though were are on top of MBLAQ in terms of popularity at the moment, we are always in competition with each other.”

MBLAQ is currently promoting “Mona Lisa” on music shows. BEAST is in Japan promoting “Bad Girl” and will perform at the United Cube Concerts starting in Korea on August 14th.

Check out the segment below!


Source: Newsen, TV Report, and Oumae25
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BEAST to conclude “Fiction” promotions on Inkigayo this week + head to Japan with “Bad Girl”

14 Jun

Cube Entertainment representatives revealed today that six member group BEAST will be concluding their “Fiction” promotions this week. BEAST released their first full length album, “Fiction And Fact,” on May 17th. They have had a very successful promotional period. They won triple crowns on M! Countdown and Music Bank. They won a double crown on Inkigayo, and look to finish off their triple crown sweep with a win on this week’s episode of Inkigayo.

Representatives revealed that BEAST will not be promoting a follow up song due to their activities in Japan this month. The representatives commented, “It was the original plan to not have BEAST complete any follow up promotions for their first full length album. The promotions of “Fiction” were only for one month.”

They continued with, “The members of BEAST are very thankful for the fans that gave them so much support.”

BEAST will be releasing the Japanese version of “Bad Girl”[/url on the 15th of June. The music video for “Bad Girl” in Japanese has already been released. BEAST will be flying to Japan to begin their promotions there on the 20th of June.

Earlier this year, BEAST released the Japanese version of their hit song, “Shock,” and it took over the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart. However, due to the earthquake aftermath, BEAST did not promote “Shock” in Japan. This time, BEAST will actively promote “Bad Girl” in Japan this month.

BEAST concluded with, “In order to show our fans in Korea our thankfulness and return the love, we will work hard promoting in Japan.”

Are you sad BEAST is ending their promotions of “Fiction” so early? Which follow up song were you hoping they would promote from “Fiction And Fact”?

Source: [url=”http://star.mt.co.kr/stview.php?no=2011061409005025466&type=3″%5DStar News

BEAST’s “Bad Girl” takes No.1 Recochoku ringtone chart

8 Jun

BEAST has taken No.1 on Recochoku’s ringtone chart with their latest Japanese single “Bad Girl.” Recochoku is one of Japan’s largest mobile music websites. BEAST released their single “Bad Girl” on June 15th.

In March, BEAST released their debut Japanese single “SHOCK” in March, the Japanese version of their Korean hit. The group has received a lot of love from Japanese fans since their debut and recently visited their 600th day since their debut. BEAST said, “We hope to show you a better side of ourselves as a thank you for giving us support.”

A representative from Recochoku said, “This is the second time BEAST has ranked on Recochoku, which has the participation of over 30 major record labels. We have high hopes on their future activities.”

SNSD takes 3rd place with their “Mr. Taxi,” with “Let It Rain” in 16th place and “Gee” in 22nd place.

Source: Newsen
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Short teaser for BEAST’s Japanese “Bad Girl” released

26 May

A short preview of the music video for BEAST’s second Japanese single, “Bad Girl” has aired on Japanese television. The teaser, which lasts about fifteen seconds, shows part of the chorus and the song’s bridge, and compares the new footage to the original Korean music video. BEAST is shown wearing black and white outfits and dancing in front of a white background. A solo shot of leader Doojoon reveals a second, brighter, and more colorful set, but only briefly.

BEAST’s “Bad Girl” single will be released in Japan on June 15th.

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BEAST to release “Fiction And Fact” Limited Edition album

23 May

BEAST released their first full length album on May 17th and successfully topped the charts with their title track, “Fiction,” and their previously released ballad track, “On Rainy Days.” This week, BEAST had their comeback performances on M! Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core, and Inkigayo. For their comeback performances, they performed a combination of “The Fact”, “Fiction”, and “On Rainy Days.”

Cube Entertainment has made a lot of announcements this month, like BEAST’s official color of dark gray, and this time they have something else for fans to enjoy.

BEAST will be releasing a special Limited Edition of their first full length album, “Fiction And Fact.” The limited edition will include new pictures, three piece fashion cap buttons, and a special t-shirt.

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BEAST to make their Korean comeback on May 17th

9 May

The members of Cube Entertainment’s boy group BEAST have been enjoying their time by completing their own activities. However, the time has now come for BEAST to return to the industry as a group.

Cube Entertainment announced today that BEAST would be making their comeback this month with a new album. The album will be BEAST’s first full length album since their debut in October of 2009. Since their debut, BEAST has released four mini albums, a duo group album, and many OST tracks.

Cube Entertainment stated, “This full album comes a year and seven months after BEAST’s debut. The album showcases all of the hard work they have put forth over a long period of time.” Beast will also be participating in a large scale Asia fanmeet tour.

BEAST’s official site now includes a countdown to the albums official release date, May 17. The site also shows images of the members with a dark aura surrounding them.

Stay tuned for more information on the release and teasers!

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BEAST and Shin Sekyung reveal new BBQ Chicken CFs

21 Mar

BEAST and Shin Sekyung are no strangers when it comes to CFs. About a month ago, BEAST’s Hyunseung and Yoseob completed CFs for BBQ Chicken. However, the remaining members’ CF were not revealed at the same time.

The the surprise of fans, the CFs of Kikwang, Dongwoon, and Doojoon were finally revealed earlier this week. Actress Shin Sekyung also filmed an individual CF. Sekyung also played the guitar and sang her versions of “Lovely Song” and “Baby Baby Qute”.

Additionally, the members of BEAST filmed a short music video to “Baby Baby Qute”, and it was just released. Check out the videos below!



Shin Sekyung

“Baby Baby Qute”

“Baby Baby Qute” – Sekyung version

“Lovely Song” – Shin Sekyung

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TVXQ, Beast In SBS’ “Welcome To The Show” Cast

18 Mar

An all-star cast will be participating in SBS’ latest production “Welcome to the Show”. This includes the debut for numerous popular Korean singers.

“Welcome to the Show” is a new concept drama series re-enacting real scenarios. In actual fact, it is used to showcase the dazzling stories and incidents behind the scenes of the magnificent stages of SBS’ “Inkigayo”.

In this series, apart from Nickhun, Sulli, Seulong and IU, who will be playing the roles of the emcees in “Inkigayo”, there will also be behind-the-scenes stories of TVXQ, Beast, Lee Jung, ZE.A and many more other celebrities.

The concept in “Welcome to the Show” where singers are acting out a real-life scenario drama has gained much attention. In addition to that, “Welcome to the Show” has prepared varied and magnificent footages to be broadcasted, like behind-the-scenes footages from the start of the live broadcasting of “Inkigayo” in the morning until the end of broadcasting, how the live footages of “Inkigayo” are shot, how singers prepare for their live performances and backstage scenes in their dressing rooms.

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BEAST releases a remake of Fukuyama Masaharu’s “Rainbow”

15 Mar

In addition to BEAST’s upcoming debut in Japan, the boys also released a new song in Korea. Yesterday, BEAST revealed their remake of Fukuyama Masaharu’s “Rainbow” (“Niji (虹)”). Fukuyama Masaharu originally released the track in Japan in 2003. When it was released it held the number one position on the Oricon chart for five consecutive weeks.

BEAST’s remake of the track introduces a fresh and bright sound to the original song, which has garnered much attention. Fukuyama Masaharu has also included artist Lim Jeonghee for a remake and has plans for a 2AM remake as well.

BEAST’s version of “Rainbow” will also be included in Masaharu’s “THE BEST BANG!! -ASIA LIMITED BANG!!-” which will be released on April 6th.

Check out BEAST’s Korean version of “Rainbow” below, and remember to support BEAST by buying their latest digital single on Korean music sites such as Soribada!

BEAST – “Rainbow” – Korean version, Fukuyama Masaharu remake

Source: Newsen, Soribada, and memoryfriend
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