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CNBLUE takes No.1 on Taiwan music charts

8 Jun

CNBLUE are continuing to make waves on overseas charts with their albums. They were recently reported charting on the Philippine’s Odyssey and Astroplus chart with “Bluetory,” “Blue Love,” and “First Step.”

Now it has been reported that CNBLUE have also topped charts in Taiwan with their repackaged album “First Step +1 Thank You” under the Kpop category for Taiwan’s Book.com, KuangNan Record, G-Music, Five Music, and KKBOX. The album went on sale in Taiwan on May 27th and has received the gold status in Taiwan for selling over 7,000 units. Their past albums “Bluetory” and “Blue Love” have achieved double platinum status.

CNBLUE said, “We were extremely happy when we heard that ‘First Step’ came in first and it feels like a dream that ‘Thank You’ has done the same as well. We hope to hold a concert in Taiwan when we get the chance.”

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CNBlue to release a limited edition album this week

5 Apr

Following the success of their first full length album last month, CNBlue was confirmed to release a special limited edition album this week.

According to a press release by their agency FNC Music, CNBlue’s “First Step,” which was released on the 31st of March, will be repackaged as a special limited edition album. The limited edition release will include a 80 page pictorial which features photos from their music video from “Intuition” and upcoming video for “Love Girl.”

Revealing more statements, an official from the band’s company was also quoted, “We have decided to produce the special limited edition of ‘FIRST STEP’ since the fans have shown a lot of support and love for it. The new release will also reveal never-before-seen photos of the group.”

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CN Blue releases their comeback music video “Intuition”

21 Mar

CN Blue is back and ready to take the K-Pop market by storm again with their comeback music video “Intuition”. The boys have already released their album “First Step” with positive feedback, after spending more time in the production process to create a solid album.

Fans were excited when they saw their comeback teaser, as it revealed that the boys were returning with edge. The music video for “Intuition” showcases the band’s musical versatility as they utilize strong guitar work backed with powerful vocals in a music video that complements the song well.

Back from their last hit “Love” in 2010, check out their intense music video below! What do you think of it?

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Hazzy Bag’s website crashes following C.N.Blue’s first teaser

6 Mar

As previously promised, FNC Music announced that the C.N.Blue’s teaser for their first single “Imagine” would be introduced in their new endorsement for “Hazzy Bag”. Just yesterday, the first teaser of the band’s new song featuring Jung Yonghwa was released and was reported to have explosive responses from fans right after.

Apparently, after the clip was released, Hazzy Bag’s official website crashed and servers were down for an hour. A representative of FNC Music also posted a message for the positive response saying – “because of the fans, C.N.Blue has forgotten about their fatigue, and are pouring beads of sweat for their comeback stage. C.N.Blue hopes to return the favor to the fans for their support with even better music.”

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CN Blue unveils their first comeback teaser photo

28 Feb

Previously announcing the delay of CN Blue’s new album last month, FNC Music has apologized to fans today for yet another postponement. On the 28th of February, FNC Music released an official statement regarding the band’s teaser video. Due to a delay in the music video production, the company was unable to unveil the new video teaser they have promised the fans today.

This is the fanclub manager of FNC Music.

Through an official announcement, we had said that CNBLUE’s first teaser would be released today, the 28th; however, for a more complete and thorough album, it has been decided that the teaser will be released a week later, on March 7th.

It was a decision made in order to better the quality and completeness even more because it’s CNBLUE’s first formal album. We ask that BOICES be patient and understanding of the decision.

We apologize for being unable to keep our promises, and CNBLUE will return with a better album with BOICEs’ love and support.

Thank you.”

Along with the apology, the company continued to hype their fans by revealing CN Blue’s new concept photo. Meanwhile, the countdown continues for CN Blue’s promotions as they are scheduled to release their first video teaser on the 7th of March, along with their official comeback on the 21st.

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