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FT Island Comeback with “Hello Hello” & “I Will Get You” on Inkigayo

29 May

FT Island is back with ‘Hello Hello’ on Inkigayo! They also performed ‘I Will Get You’ on inkigayo too! Also check their interview below!

I Will Get You!

Hello! Hello!

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YG Entertainment to reveal 2NE1’s comeback details on April 18th

16 Apr

Yesterday, an image was uploaded onto YG Entertainment’s official blog which read, “2NE1 COMING SOON,” hinting that the fierce group is preparing for an upcoming comeback.

Today, YG Entertainment stated, “We will reveal 2NE1’s comeback details on the 18th. After last year’s album, the girls have continuously worked on this new album. Please anticipate these new songs.”

After 2NE1’s debut, it’s clear that whether it’s music, fashion, or performance, the group has set themselves apart from their competition. The release of this new album will mark 2NE1’s return after 7 months of hiatus.

Fans are already anxiously waiting for the group’s comeback, with some leaving comments such as, “Even when I just see 2NE1’s logo, my heart beats” and “It’s an unanticipated comeback notice so I’m shocked but happy.”

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SS501’s Hyungjun reveals thoughts on his comeback and the disaster in Japan

7 Apr

SS501’s youngest member Kim Hyungjun has thrown aside his maknae image and has stepped up to stand on his own stage. He recently released his first mini-album “My Girl” and has made a successive comeback with title track “oH aH”.

In his first interview after starting a solo comeback, he explains his thoughts and experiences leading up to his current activities. It’s been a rough change for the 24 year-old idol promoting solo, and he feels lonely and worried about whether he would do well. He says, “When the album with my name is placed into my hands, I feel excited and happy. The SS501 members have given me advice and have also been monitoring me regularly, and that makes me feel reassured.”

Sometimes overshadowed by his fellow SS501 members, Kim Hyungjun currently holds an opportunity to break away from his image and show different charms of himself. He included dance songs as well as ballads, and also took up the challenge of writing the lyrics himself. “Though it’s the first album, but because I’m doing this myself, music has turned out well to become ‘Kim Hyungjun’s trademark’ in a way. Especially the part in the music where it’s about protecting the girl whom you like, it’s very similar to my distinctive cheerful profile. And I wrote the lyrics, so I basically visualized by listening to the main outline melody. Half of my experience, half of my imagination by putting these together is my secret formula as a lyricist.”

While he released his new album, Kim Hyungjun also made a debut into the rest of Asia. He is expected to become another proponent of the “Hallyu Wave,” however, he has currently postponed his Japanese debut due to the recent disaster and aftermath. However, his priority is concern for his Japanese fans rather than his activities. He says, “During my solo album showcase, many Japanese fans had made their way here. I feel pity that such a huge tragedy happened. I’m thinking over how I should give my condolences. First of all because I’m a singer, should there be any chances in future, I want to do a memorial concert. I want to help out Japan with music, and give all the help that I’m able to give. If there are such chances, I will participate in them actively”.

Besides his main profession as a singer, he also participates in diversified activities such as DJing for radio stations and musicals. He also divulged about his aspirations to challenge acting if there will be any chance. “Whether it be a sitcom or an official drama, I want to challenge them. I want to receive acknowledgement in many different areas, so that people will start to carve their impression of me as ‘the lad who can do well in anything he does’. In fact I’m the kind who worried a lot before my new challenge because I’ll be alone, but after I finish my worries and go on to find my answers, I will then be able to eventually stand in front of everyone. I want to show my bright and confident side in front of all, anytime and anywhere at all”.

In addition, Kim Hyungjun is also slated for another comeback in the music industry. After his ‘My Girl’ promotions, he will be having a follow-up album upcoming in May where he will showcase more musical talents once again.

“Digital single album is slated for release at around May. There are parts where it will be like a continuation/link-up from “oH aH’s “content. In the next album, I will show you ‘the charms of a man who can’t get to sleep because he’s fallen in love’ . Also, I will be releasing my first official album at around fall 2011. I want to receive the Bonsang award at the year-end music award ceremonies”.

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