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HITT makes their debut with “Good Night” on Music Bank

8 Jul

HITT released their debut mini-album titled “Here Is The Top” and title music video “Good Night” video today and also makes their first debut stage tonight on KBS Music Bank. HITT is a new male group that is making their debut today and are determined to reach the top with their various vocal skills.

Each of the members has their own roles starting with the leader Hayoung taking care of the powerful vocals, Juntaek as the lead singer, Hyunjun with the clear voice, Howon as the maknae, Wooram as the bass and charming voice of the group, and Jaehoon as the rapper.

Clearly nervous about their first debut stage, the vocals begin on a shaky start before picking up and HITT finishes their performance with a high. What do you think of their debut performance?

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SHINee To Finally Debut in Japan?

22 Apr

SHINee was originally scheduled to have their Japanese debut in March but after the earthquake and tsunami, their debut was pushed back tentatively to May.

With Girls’ Generation’s upcoming original single “Mr.Taxi,” on track to be released this month, it looks like SHINee’s debut will also be happening as planned in May.

A mastering engineer for Sonic Korea tweeted on April 21st that he was, “in the middle of mastering SHINee’s Japanese debut single!”

What kind of concept will they introduce to Japan?

Block B rebealed debut MV teaser !

4 Apr

Check out Cho PD’s new hip hop group,Block B’s MV teaser here.

These boys are pretty cool right?

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