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ZE:A’s Moon Junyoung receives a serious eye injury

30 Mar

The leader of ZE:A, Moon Junyoung, was recently injured. On March 29th, Junyoung slid on the floor of his bathroom and it has been reported that he has received an injury around his eye.

ZE:A’s agency said on March 30th, “Moon Junyoung was recently in an accident, and slipped and fell on the floor of his bathroom. The injury is extremely serious. He received fractures to the bones surrounding his eye. The medical reports will determine whether he will need surgery on his eye or not.”

“With no choice ZE:A will continue their activities as an 8-member group.”**

We reported yesterday that ZE:A’s Kwanghee also injured his ankle during the group’s practice and will be out of the promotions for 4 weeks.

**NOTE: While Newsen have quoted that the agency said ZE:A will continue activities as an 8-member group, with Kwanghee also out with an injury, Koreaboo believes that a typo was made and should say that ZE:A will continue as a 7-member group.

Source: Newsen

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