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Chinese fans celebrate Victoria and Nichkhun’s 1st year anniversary

2 Jun

Fans of Victoria and Nichkhun prepared a surprise for the couple’s 1st year anniversary. On the morning of May 31st, Chinese fan forums Khuntoria@TY and KVCN announced that in order to celebrate Khuntoria’s 1st wedding anniversary, they had taken out an advertisement on selected public transit buses in Korea, particularly in Seoul and its surrounding areas. The advertisement not only displays Nichkhun and Victoria’s pictures, but also contains a supportive message in Thai, Chinese, and Korean.

Buses began displaying the advertisement on May 30th. The advertisements will continue for one month. They can be found on buses heading in the direction of Yeouido, Gangnam, Hongik University, and Gangbuk. In relation to this project, representatives from the Chinese fan forums expressed that, through this advertisement, they hope to bring a good beginning to Khuntoria’s new year, and that more viewers will begin to pay attention to the couple.

Nichkhun and Victoria joined “We Got Married” in June 2010. They are currently the longest running couple on the show, after the departure of Jokwon and Gain, as well as Yonghwa and Seohyun. The show currently features two other couples – Eunjung of T-ara and Lee Jangwoo, as well as Park Sohyun and Kim Woojoon.

Source: Korea JoongAng Daily via Yahoo! News
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JYPE to design official 2PM lightstick named by fans

23 May

With BEAST getting their official color earlier this month, we can expect to see dark grey oceans at their performances. But for fans of 2PM, they’ll now be able to show their support in a new way.

An event hosted by the official Hottest Fancafe on YOZM was launched today with this notice:

“Surprise event! Please give 2PM’s official light stick a name. In the reaction comments, we will be selecting 2 people who have suggested a name and will be giving them the 2PM photobook as a present. The event is until 9PM today.~^^ (Even if the name has been chosen, it may not be used as the official name for the light stick)”

Will you be purchasing their official lightstick when it is released?

Sources: 2oneday and Hottest YOZM
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Lee Junki thanks fans for leaving him birthday messages with a salute

20 Apr

Lee Junki is currently serving his two year mandatory military services. The actor began his services in May 2010. Lee Junki took a brief leave from the Defense Media Agency and posted on his Twitter account on April 16th, a photo of himself saluting in his military uniform.

“Hello, this is private Lee Jun-ki who will be promoted to corporal in May! How have you been? I’m enjoying my last leave as a private for the first time in a very long while. I can’t adjust to the real world because it’s been such a long time. Yes, today was my birthday.. Since I’m a soldier, there was not a single thing I could show to you guys properly and all I did was receive so I feel very bad…… Thank you so much for congratulating me through the video meeting this year, even those of you from around the world who sent messages.”

Lee Junki turned 29 years old on April 17th. Happy belated birthday!

Source: 10Asia
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Japanese Fans are Angry at Avex’s “Killing JYJ”

1 Apr

Because Avex, the former agency, is thoroughly blocking JYJ (the 3-member unit resulting from the splitting of TVXQ consisting of Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu), it is incurring the anger of Japanese fans.

JYJ was enthusiastically giving their strength towards the restoration of Japan from the earthquakes, for instance putting forth the donation of 600 million KRW for the restoration of the northeastern region of Japan from the large earthquakes and also relaying the earthquake crisis of Japan in the World Tour due to start on April 2nd. There was also word that they will hold a charity concert in Yokohama Arena in June and would donate a portion of the performance fees and proceeds to the affected areas.

However, the news that Avex requested the Sports Newspaper (see http://wp.me/p1gQsC-2aY) and (other) influential newspapers that it wishes them to refrain from publicizing the news of JYJ’s concert and thus blocked them was reported in the daily newspaper Cyzo (see http://wp.me/p1gQsC-2gD) on the 24th.

According to the reporting, the Daily Sports Online which had posted this news deleted the news a few hous later, and it became so that in other newspaper agencies too, one could not find his news. That the news of a concert by JYJ, a group that receives tremendous support of fans, was not posted in any place whatsoever, makes it hard to erase the feelings that there were some backhanded dealings.

According to a records affiliate, Avex is restraining JYJ in order to promote/push the 2-person TVXQ which had its comeback. Avex believes that if JYJ, which has Jaejoong — the member who had the highest level of popularity in Japan – was to actively participate in Japan, it would interfere with (the 2-person) TVXQ that had its comeback, and therefore aims to thoroughly block JYJ’s activities, it is said.

On Avex’s actions that interfered with JYJ’s activities, there is the uproar of the “JYJ Excluded from Records Charts” which Oricon confessed. (see http://wp.me/p1gQsC-1Gw) On the 7th, Oricon put up an announcement which said that it will “exclude the JYJ DVD and albums which were released on March 2nd.” As for the reason, it is because (JYJ) received a command from Avex, the rightsholder to the records, to cease all activities.

That (Avex) would release and sell new albums but will eliminate (all) promotions and rankings (charts) is without mistake an act of complete disregard for JYJ. However, there is high possibility that because Avex which boasts #1 power in Japanese music industry had requested, Oricon complied.

At the (current) “Kill JYJ” by Avex which comes at the heel of the Oricon incident, the Japanese have become extremely angry. They exploded in their complaints as follows:

“I don’t understand the reason to stop them from not just anything but this concert which (JYJ wishes to do in order) to help Japan. Is it more important for Avex to “Save/Put Life into 2-person TVXQ” than to restore Japan?”

“I don’t know whether this article is to be believed. But it is true that because there was the recent Oricon incident and such, there is suspicion. Without mistake, #1 in Oricon was as good as made.”

“(JYJ) even made a donation, but to have Avex think only in terms of money, Avex is too much.”

“As a Japanese (like Avex), I am ashamed.”

At the same time, JYJ’s agency denied the article saying that the June 7th Yokohama Concert was not in the schedule. Nonetheless, the anger of the fans hinges on more than the truth and the falsity (of this particular mater). They are expressing their disappointment, saying: “It cannot be helped but be suspected, as there was the Oricon incident also,” and “Already there is nothing but bad images for Avex. Avex’s power is all a glory of the past.”

Source: JPNews

Translation Credit: JYJ3

JYJ thanks iLoveJYJ fans for their support

9 Mar

As we have previously reported, despite the resolution of the court cases between SM entertainment and JYJ, JYJ has still had difficulties appearing on public television. To show support for the group, fans have set up a website, IloveJYJ.com, to broadcast JYJ’s music and videos. The website was originally set to launch on March 3rd, but due to an overwhelming response that led to their servers overloading, the launch was pushed back to March 4th.

Prior to the websites launch, a JYJ representative revealed that the group was aware of their fans’ efforts and were very grateful. The representative stated, “We fully notice that fans made their own capital investments (to build the station). In fact, JYJ members are also aware of this matter, they’re really grateful for the love of all fans.” He then continued, “However if we recognize this internet broadcasting station dedicated to JYJ, ‘iloveJYJ’ as an official station, it will lose its genuineness. We want to preserve this fansite as a website that is created by fans due to their pure love.”

All throughout the world, fans have been showing their support for JYJ. We previously reported that fans in Venezuela bought a newspaper ad to support the JYJ members on their music essay, “Their Rooms.” American fans also placed a full page ad in Korea Daily. In addition, fans in Asia have been purchasing ads on buses and subways to support JYJ, with the most recent being the “Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun, Kim Junsu—Ride the Express Train to Public TV ” campaign held by Korean JYJ fans. Other slogans used in past campaigns have included “Courage, Dream, Fighting,” and “JYJ, We Support Your Youth.“

What do you think of the recent activities of JYJ’s fans? Are you amazed and proud of their efforts and support for JYJ?

Source: DBSKnights, SharingYoochun (1, 2), JYJ3 (1, 2), Soompi, and newsen
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(Video) JYJ Subway ad campaign by fans

8 Mar

credit: DBxTOHO8
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