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FT Island tops music charts in Taiwan

8 Jul

Recently, FT Island has enjoyed success in both Korea and Japan, as the group’s concerts have sold out in record time. In addition to this success, FT Island is also setting records in Taiwan, with the release of the group’s new mini-album, “RETURN,” on June 24th.

On G-Music’s sales chart, the largest CD sales chart in Taiwan, for the week of June 24th to June 30th, FT Island grabbed the number 1 spot for the Korean and Japanese sales charts with 29% of the total J-Pop and K-Pop sales. Additionally, FT Island also grabbed the number 1 spot on the Combo chart, which combines the sales of all albums from all countries and genres. The group accounted for 8.1% of the total sales, beating out the popular Lady Gaga and Jam Hsiao.

On ezPeer’s weekly singles chart, FT Island managed to grab the number 1 and number 3 spots with “Hello Hello” and “Confession”. On its weekly albums chart, the group ranked 1st for its first week on the chart.

What do you think of FT Island’s recent success?

Source: ezPeer and G-Music

Jewelry and FT Island Said Good Bye On Music Core!

25 Jun

Jewelry concluded their promotional activities for Pass on today’s Music Core!!

Besides,FT Island also performed their last stage for Hello Hello on Music Core,enjoy their performance here!

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FT Island : We were Spurred By CN Blue While Holding Activities In Japan

15 Jun

FT Island has ranked atop the Oricon chart with their mini album entitled “Return.”

FT Island, who recently released a mini album entitled “Return,” seemed to have revitalized their spiritual energy during their ten-month break. The group members seemed more serious and their every comment during the interview revealed their ambitions. Lee Hong Ki, who abandoned his usually mischievous character, said with a smile, “I tried to become a diligent singer who gives off energy freely on the stage and to become more careful off the stage.” FT Island has received impetus from their previous activities at the bottom of the Japanese music industry for the past three years. And the rapid ascension of another Korean band, the group CNBLUE (who belongs to the same agency as FT Island), also served to motivate them. The interview took place right after FT Island’s first album in Japan ranked atop the Oricon weekly chart. FT Island became the first foreign singing group in Japan to be ranked in first place on the Oricon chart since 1970 when the Oricon began publishing rankings, so the members were delighted by their record. They said, “There were many popular Japanese singers, and we were more pleased as we have tried our best and we could gain a good ranking. In particular, we were very proud of the fact that our members’ own songs were included in the album.”

FT Island’s impressive achievement could not be established within a day with good luck. They debuted in the Japanese indie music industry in 2008, and they have developed their abilities while releasing several albums. They made an agency contract with a large music distributing agency, Warner Music Japan, last year and they were able to achieve this feat only a year since their debut in the major music industry in Japan. Choi Min Hwan said, “We debuted in the Japanese indie music industry first to study music and improve ourselves. All the members participated in recording our album together for the first time, and we also played our own musical instruments when we released the second album in Korea.” Lee Hong Ki said, “Our music became more mature as we released our songs that were specially made in the J-POP style in Japan with various versions in Japanese, English, and Korean instead of simply releasing our hit songs in Korea. In addition, we learned many things by looking at Japanese bands whom we could meet when we participated in the Japanese rock festival entitled ‘Summer Sonic’ last year. When you look at us while comparing our performances before and after we went to Japan, you might be able to notice the changes.” During that time, the rise of junior band group CNBLUE reportedly worked as a positive influence on them. Lee Jae Jin and Lee Hong Ki said, “We feel jealous about CNBLUE because they have an image that we do not have. They are performing soft music with their elegant and stylish image. So we have to have competition with them. As they chase us with their music, we have to develop ourselves more not to let them close the gap between us. We are their seniors, so we want to become the best before them (laugh).”

As they become psychologically more mature, their album sounds brighter than before. Their title song “Hello Hello” is rock music with a fast tempo, and it sounds very dramatic as it adds acoustic sound and raps by Lee Jae Jin and Song Seung Hyun during the introduction of the song. Another song entitled “Sunshine Girls” has a strong sound, but it alters its atmosphere with the cute lyrics of the song. In addition, the song entitled “I Confess,” which was composed by Choi Jong Hoon, was sung by all five members together for the first time. Lee Jae Jin said, “We have felt pressure as we took a break for ten months in this rapidly changing Korean music industry. But we want to come closer to people by adding more popular aspects to our songs. We just want our fans to comfortably enjoy our songs.”

FT Island debuted in 2007, and they have released a total of around 150 songs both in Korea and Japan, including this album. But the group members all agreed, saying, “We are still learning.” They are saying that the MBC program “I Am Singer” has become their new stimulus these days. Lee Hong Ki said, “I feel really tense while I am watching ‘I Am Singer’ because I can feel how those senior singers become tense on the program. Their nervous appearances on the program were real. I was frightened when I imagined being a contestant, thinking, ‘What if I had to sing on that stage?’ I will also appear in KBS 2TV’s program ‘Immortal Materpiece 2,’ and have competitions with other idol group members, and now I am really nervous due to the competition.” After they hold activities in Korea for one month, they have to follow their next goals. During their concert tour all over Japan, they will perform on the “dream stage,” Budokan. The group members delivered their wishes, saying, “We will close our tour concert at the Budokan on July 29. The concert will be with 10,000 audience members, but the venue is a symbolic place for bands, so it will likely be that we have achieved our first goal. We would also like to perform at the Tokyo Dome later.” They admitted that their ultimate goal was gaining popularity as a successful band. Choi Min Hwan said, “We are different from other idol groups not because we can play musical instruments, but because we are still learning and doing our best to improve ourselves by practicing to present better performances to our fans. We want to be more acknowledged by people as a recognizable band.”

Source: KBS
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FT Island Conclueds Mini Album Promotion & Departs For Japan

15 Jun

5-Member band FTIsland is wrapping up their 3rd mini album promotions, to prepare for their upcoming Japan tour.

Their management company, FNC Music, revealed on the 15th that, “FTIsland is ending their mini album promotion on next week’s SBS Inkigayo. They will embark on their Japan tour which starts on the coming 29th, lasting for a month. They will leave for Japan on 28th after Hongki completes his recording for Immortal Song 2 on the previous day.”

“The members have been practising for their Japan tour on days without music shows. Though it’s unconfirmed, there are plans for an Asia tour after ending their Japan tour.”

FTIsland will depart for Japan on 28th for their first concert stop at Nagoya on 29th. The “2011 FTIsland Summer Tour Messenger” will also be held at Osaka, Tokyo and Fukuoka, with a finale concert at Tokyo Budoukan on 29th July.

Budoukan is one of the most notable concert venues in Japan. Top stars like Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Hallyu stars like Dong Bang Shin Ki, Big Bang, Ryu Siwon as well as the late Park Yongha have once stood on this stage before.

On the other hand, FTIsland have been actively promoting their 3rd mini album “RETURN” with the title song “Hello Hello” since 24th May, after almost a year since their previous comeback.

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FT Island Comeback with “Hello Hello” & “I Will Get You” on Inkigayo

29 May

FT Island is back with ‘Hello Hello’ on Inkigayo! They also performed ‘I Will Get You’ on inkigayo too! Also check their interview below!

I Will Get You!

Hello! Hello!

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FT Island Performs “SATISFACTION” On “Hey!Hey!Hey”

3 May

Pretty boys band FT Island performed their new song “Satisfaction” on Japanese music show Hey Hey Hey.

Do you like their japanese single?

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FT Island to sing for Japanese drama “Muscle Girl” OST

7 Apr

We reported in February that FT Island’s Lee Hongki had been cast in a TBS drama called “Muscle Girl”, which will begin airing in Japan on April 16. FT Island’s Japanese management agency FNS Japan recently announced that the group will sing two songs for the drama’s soundtrack.

In addition to the main track “Haruka”, FT Island will sing “Itsuka” (“Someday”). Both songs will be released on May 18 with their album “Five Treasure Island”.

“Muscle Girl” is a drama about the manager of a women’s pro wrestling organization who unexpectedly meets a Korean star and the love story that subsequently unfolds between them.

In addition to their contributions to this drama, FT Island also sang the ending theme song “Satisfaction” for the upcoming anime “Toriko”; the song is scheduled for release on April 20.

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F.T Island Released “Satisfaction” MV

5 Apr

FT Island revealed the MV of their japanese song Satisfaction,check out their MV here,love their new song?

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FT Island to release Japanese single “Satisfaction”

31 Mar

According to FNC Music, FT Island will be releasing a new Japanese single in April. In a press release by FNC Music, FT Island’s new single will be called “Satisfaction” and will be released on April 20th. “Satisfaction” will also be the opening theme for the Japanese anime “Toriko.” The anime will start broadcasting April 3rd on Fuji TV.

Since the anime will start broadcasting before the official release of the Japanese single, Primadonnas (FT Island fans) will be able to hear a short preview. “Toriko” is about gourmet food hunters searching the world for rare ingredients and animals.

FT Island made their Japan debut in 2008 and so far has had two out of three of their singles rank in the Top 10 on the Oricon Charts.

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