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MBALQ’S Thunder Wants To Be Friends With G-Dragon!

5 May

MBLAQ’s Chundung/Thunder and brother of 2NE1′s Sandara Park recently had an interview with Japanese magazine ‘HOT CHILI PAPER‘ were he revealed G-Dragon was a celebrity he wanted to get close to! Here’s the excerpt:

Chundung: Born October 7th, 1990 181cm Libra Blood Type A

Q. Who do you want to become friends with?
A: (I want him to follow me on Twitter) G-Dragon!

source: mocha@absolutemblaq & ibigbang
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GD ranks second on “Top 10 Cross Dressing Idols” ?

6 Apr

Previously ranking the Top 10 Idol Members with the ‘Best Airport Fashion’, MTVK reveals their own rankings once again of the Top 10 Cross Dressing Idols.

Coming in at second place is Big Bang’s leader Kwon Jiyong cross dressing for their own parody of “Secret Garden”. As to why they have chosen Jiyong to be on the second spot, they revealed that “It has to be G-Dragon‘s enviable V-line that lets him fit perfectly into the female roles whenever Big Bang does a drama parody. His most shocking transformation had to be during the Secret Garden parody. Who else felt a little traumatized?”

Here is an excerpt of MTVK’s post:

K-Pop and cross-dressing seems to go hand in hand. The very fact that there were more than 10 choices (I had to whittle down from a list of about 25) for the top 10 cross-dressing idols is a little frightening. Yet, nothing gives a male idol more popularity than some mascara, a wig and a tight dress.

Disclaimer: Yes, we realize all of these idols look 100 times better as guys but that doesn’t change the fact they look hot as girls too.

Source: MTVK
Article By ohgelie@bigbangupdates.com

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GD&TOP and 2NE1 confirmed to perform on Japan’s “SPRINGROOVE 2011″

12 Mar

South Korea has representatives to perform in Japan’s leading hip hop and R&B gathering! “SPRINGROOVE 2011,″ a huge concert that usually features the biggest names in the hip hop and R&B industry, has confirmed that YG Entertainment’s GD&TOP and 2NE1 will be a part of the line-up. Joining the likes of international artists such as Nelly, Mark Ronson, Keri Hilson, Far East Movement and many others, GD&TOP and 2NE1 were the only Korean artists selected for the event.

“SPRINGROOVE 2011″ is set to take place on the 2nd of April at Makuhari Messe Stadium.

Source: Spring Groove 2011 and iBigbang
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