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Hands Up Thanks To – Taecyeon

13 Jul

ALWAYS FIRST, THANK YOU GOD!! And my lovely family; father, mother, sister, and Seulgi who was sad because I didn’t write his/her name the last few times, Jieunie, Sungyeolie, Sungeunie, study hard~ Jinyoung hyung, who, although I keep on saying you’re my junior in acting, I always respect and believe in, President Jungok who is so busy these days I can’t even see him, Vice-President Byeon Sangbong, Director Jo Haesung who always seems to have a hard time, Jisangie hyung, Jongsu hyung, Bongwonie hyung who ran with us and worked hard during the Japan tour, Junsu hyung, Eunji nuna, Changdae hyung, Tommy, Kim Eunsu-nim, Lee Woomin-nim, Namyoungie hyung who is now worrying about the choreography for Japanese Hands Up performances and Taecyeon’s solo stage in the concert, our Hwayoung nuna who is gradually becoming prettier, Jincheolie hyung who came back, golder Seopju-shi, change of personnel to Jinyoungie hyung? transferred Minjae hyung fighting!! Youngilie hyung~ Taegonie hyung~ Suhyun hyung, Team Leader No Seungok, Younggulie hyung, Cheongeunie hyung, Heewon nuna, Seonghee nuna, Sujung nuna, Rayoung nuna, Yoonju nuna, Haejoon-shi, Na Youngkwon-nim, Sanghee nuna, Kim Juyeon-nim, Jang Seoyoon-nim, Teacher Jung Eunok who gets mad at me for texting every day, Jo PD-nim, Myunghwa nuna who guided me to the bakery, Son Jungmin-nim, congratulations on your marriage Jonggyu hyung, Yoon Jaeho hyung who has a hard time during CFs, Seulgi hyung, Creative team’s crazy Byungki hyung, Hana nuna, Hyein nuna, Yoohee nuna, Sungjin hyung, Juyoung nuna, management support team Sangwonie hyung, Hyojung nuna, Youngju nuna, Eunkyung nuna, Jungeun nuna. Jaeseo hyung, Myunghanie hyung, Representative Du Hyunsu, Sunmi nuna, Boramie hyung, Jaeho hyung, Teacher Song Yoomi! Hoongyu hyung!! Soyoung nuna! Heehwa nuna, Wonhee nuna~Changminie hyung! Let’s go play, my soulmate who sings Seulongie hyung, Jo Kwon who is so busy I can’t even see your face, Jinwoonie who’s body suddenly became better than mine. Wonder Girls! Sunye, Yeeun, Hyerin, Sohee, Yoobinie! Miss A Minyoungie, Fei, Jia, Suzy! Small and cute Minjoo, Sunmi, Soyoungie, G-Soul, San-E hyung. Representative Young Hyungshim who always cherishes and loves us, as well as Youngho nuna who lost weight! Myungok nuna, who made the 108 delivery(?) for me, TaecHopeful Ara Jo, Hana nuna, Jiyeonie, Powerhouse team Chief Yoora who is really busy lately. Suyeon nuna who has seen everything in Japan, as well as Jiyoon nuna who keeps on talking about travelling, Heewon nuna who I haven’t seen much lately, Woojinie who has become a gangster, Jiinie, Yoojinie, Chief Im Jinok, who is a part of the recently moved STYLE FLOOR, as well as a big thanks to the staff~ Jeonho hyung who always takes the best album jacket and pictures! Lee Sangyup-nim who took us to Singapore, Chief Gong Minsun who needs to cheer up from gradual fatigue~ Director Jo Suhyun who directed Take off and Hands Up, JYP USA Lee Woosuk, An Jinyoung, Hyun Myungsu, Moon Hoyoon, Jane, JYP CHINA Lee Cheolhoon, Jo Ilgeum, Yoo Myo, Jang Yeon, and our best staff in Japan: Kazuyuki Kobayashi san, Karube san, Fujiwara san, Isshi san, Ken san, Jieun nuna~ Jung Kyunghee-nim, YASU san, Epic’s Hayashi san, Endo san, Kasai san, Namgong nuna, Kyungokie hyung, Izumi san, Kumi san, Ichikawak san, Igarashi san. Epic Records Japan Promotion Team! Ariola’s Watanabe san, Tanigawa san, Hasegawa san, Jodai san, Ito goei san, Ariola Japan Promotion team, as well as Yongdong High Ahgeudeola (?)! ma boi Ian who has come back to Korea! OneWay’s Mikey-nim who wrote such a nice ballad for us, Jiyoung nuna who is now publicly dating, Dongryulie hyung, Ssolssolie hyung who I can never see, Sueun nuna, Baek Hogu, Miri and Yoori, sly trainer from Bodyspace which has now become a chain store keke Jinho hyung, Sujin nuna, Taewoo hyung, Chunmyungie hyung, Seowoo nuna, Geunyoung nuna, Dream High’s Director Lee Eungbok. Seongyoonie hyung, Hyungjoonie hyung, Hyerim nuna~ Suhyunie, as well as Seungminie hyung who I became close with during Inkigayo, Eunjung nuna, Gwangminie hyung, Jiyoung nuna, Sunghoonie hyung, Hyungtaecie hyung, Seonjin nuna, Hongseok nuna, Sangryulie hyung, Wonhee nuna, Sanghyunie hyung, Bongsunie nuna! Finally songs I like that make me shudder have been released!! 2pm Stronger than Ever!! Junsu, Khun, Wooyoung, Junho, Chansung, let’s meet on stage for a long time!! Hottest who I love!! HANDS UP!

Scan by neru @ W2D
Translated by khy127 @ W2D
May be taken out with credits

2PM Hands Up Trot Version !!!!!

6 Jul

Want to hear 2pm Hands Up trot version? Check below 🙂
A fan made a trot version of it and it sounds good yet funny 🙂

cr: MrUccmembers
dajeonglee @dkpopnews.net

2PM Made Their Comeback “Like A Movie” On Inkigayo, So “HAND’S UP” Everyone

26 Jun

The boys made their comeback on Inkigayo with 2 songs ,check out the videos here!