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IU impresses on “Kiss & Cry”

9 Jun

Though ratings for Kim Yuna’s “Kiss & Cry”, have been on the decline recently, the show itself is still boasting an idol-studded roster who continue to improve their skating abilities, with a good deal of attention going to IU.

On the newest episode, set to air June 12th, the singer, who previously was criticized for her “poor performance”, donned a cheerleader outfit for her bubbly routine set to “Girlfriend”, and along with her partner Choi In Hwa, had a much smoother performance, highlighted by a successful “spiral”.

The episode will air on the 12. Will you be watching it to see how she improved?

Sources: weheartiu and Seoul NTN
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Big Bang and IU are April’s most pirated artists

25 May

Big Bang and IU were the most pirated singers of April 2011, according to a report released by the Korean Copyright Commission.

There were 4321 total known cases of piracy of Big Bang’s music, and 3874 cases of IU’s. SG Wannabe came in third with 3366 cases, CN Blue had 2313, and 4minute had 1502.

The most pirated song was IU’s “Good Day”, with 848 cases. Next came Mighty Mouth’s “Tok Tok” (789 cases) and Big Bang’s “Tonight” (779 cases).

Big Bang just wrapped up a tour in Japan, and IU is currently appearing on variety shows such as “Kim Yuna’s Kiss and Cry”. In the past, IU’s fans have come together to combat piracy, which is credited for the steady decline in overall sales of music in Korea.

Sources: AJ News, weheartiu
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IU to take up her first movie OST challenge for “Leafie, A Hen into The Wild”

18 Apr

Female diva IU is taking up her first movie theme song challenge in her lifetime. The movie ‘Leafie, A Hen Into The Wild’ is an animated movie that tells the story of a hen stepping out of her comfort zone into the new world, accompanied by a mallard. Through animation, the movie showcases their courage to take up the challenge in order to achieve their dreams and freedom.

The movie theme song, which is about the thrill of taking up this challenge, requires one to express great depth of character and sensitivity, as well as a wide register. Hence, IU’s explosive vocals were chosen as the ideal option for meeting these criteria most satisfactorily.

Animation production company, Myung Film, expressed, “If IU sings the movie OST, the movie’s theme will be expressed well.”

The theme song uses orchestra music to achieve a balance between a grand tune and a refined melody. It was composed by Lee Ji Soo, a well-known music director for his works in ‘Old Boy’, ‘Sympathy for Lady Vengeance’, and other movie OSTs and the lyrics were written by Kim Lee Na, IU’s lyricist for ‘Good Day’, ‘Nagging’, and other songs.

This collaboration between the best talents in composing, lyricwriting and vocals came true during their recording at a Gangnam studio in March. Inserting this movie OST, a combination of IU’s powerful vocals with the best production crew, into the final scene of the movie, is likely to produce an ending many times more touching.

The movie will be simultaneously released in both Korea and China, with actors Moon So Ri and Yoo Seung Ho doing voiceover for Leafie and the baby mallard respectively. On April 21, IU will be performing the movie OST together with a 15-member orchestra, during the production briefing at Kumho Art Hall at 11am.

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Sources: Hancinema, mk and asia today via nate
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IU’s 3-Level Expression, Max Changmin Became Shy

12 Apr

Singer IU shows off a ‘3-level expression’ after her ‘3-level octave’, impressing TVXQ’s Max Changmin.

In the April 10 broadcast of SBS ‘Heroes’, the cast took wedding pictures with TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin.

During the broadcast, MC Noh Hong Chul asked Max Changmin before the actual wedding photoshoot, “Which Heroes member do you most want to complete this photoshoot with?” and upon hearing IU’s name, Changmin gave a surprised expression, sending a secret signal to Yunho at the same time. Although Changmin expressed that “I was only shocked (upon hearing her name)”, one could see his inner feelings when he exchanged glances with IU.

The cast and TVXQ had to look into each other’s eyes as part of the process of choosing their partners (for the photoshoot). Max Changmin was composed when he looked into the eyes of Seo In Young, Kahi and Shin Bong Sun, but shyly lowered his head in front of IU. IU sent a ‘3-level expression’ to Changmin using her bright eyes, causing Changmin to be unable to look her in the eye. He finally looked down shyly, arousing laughter from everyone.

Source: [TVXQ Baidu]
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2NE1’s Dara and IU’s apple hairstyles face-off

11 Apr

2NE1’s Sandara Park and the solo singer IU were both recently seen with similar “apple” hairstyles, causing excitement and conflict between fans. The hairstyle is notable for its charming way of showing off one’s forehead by tying the fringe with a hair tie.

A few months ago, Sandara posted a photo of herself sporting the apple hairstyle on her me2day account. Both male and females fans left enthusiastic comments. IU’s similar appearance on the third season of the KBS2TV program “Happy Together” also caught the attention of viewers.

The cute and youthful looks of both singers has created divided opinions between fans. IU’s fans have written responses like “As expected, IU is a cute trendsetter with an apple hairstyle” and “IU’s cute charm makes even ajusshi fans fall for her.” Sandara’s fans, on the other hand, have remarked, “Sandara Park’s apple hair is the best” and “No one can beat Sandara Park’s charm with her apple hairstyle.”

Whose hairstyle do you like better?

Sources: Nate News and 21bangs
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IU covers “Video Killed the Radio Star”

7 Apr

“Dream High” fans have witnessed IU sing the famous 80s pop song, “Video Killed the Radio Star,” on the popular drama. Now the singer recently made an appearance on the MBC show “Radio Star” to perform the classic made famous by the American band Buggles.

The song has had quite a history over the last 30 years, being the first song to have its music video featured on MTV in 1981. The cover queen IU now has put her acoustic spin on the song because she claims that this is a song that inspired her character in the drama to dream of becoming a singer.

IU has covered many songs in the past, and she has become popular for her covers of popular hits such as Super Junior’s “Sorry, Sorry,” Big Bang’s “Lies” and Britney Spears’s “Womanizer” to name a few. Now she has another amazing cover to add to her collection of cover performances.

Check out the performance below! What do you think of it?

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IU introduced as a “national young beauty” in Japan

3 Apr

Solo singer IU was introduced as a highly popular “national young beauty” on a Japanese broadcast program.

On the March 23rd, during a Japanese broadcast, IU was introduced as a solo singer who debuted during high school and has found success as a solo singer in a music industry full of idols. They noted her various achievements, as she is currently receiving high popularity for her cute style and bright songs, as well as her frequent appearance on variety shows.

She’s gotten to a high level of popularity, as there’s no one in Korea who doesn’t know her. IU has been touted as the nation’s young beauty and has also been compared with other Japanese teen idol singers and stars. The MC’s exclaimed, “She’s cute!”, upon seeing pictures of IU.

There is a great possibility of IU making it big in the Japanese market since the Japanese masses have a preference for stars with cute yet friendly appearances. She has achieved success with her strong singing ability, thus differentiating herself from other idols. In fact, since earlier on this year, when Japan’s entertainment production and record companies were directly refused, apparently more inquiries were made about her entering the Japanese market.

In particular, the recent drama that IU acted in, “Dream High”, was broadcasted in Japan since late January, through satellite television on SKY PerfecTV!’s DATV channel. This seems to have increased the public’s attention towards IU.

Meanwhile in Korea, IU released “The Story Only I Didn’t Know” as a follow-up to “Good Day”, and upon completing promotions for this album, she is currently appearing on SBS “Inkigayo” as an MC.

Source: YTN News and WeHeartIU

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IU says goodbye with “The Story Only I Didn’t Know” on Music Core

12 Mar

IU took the stage tonight and performed “The Story I Didn’t Know” for the last time on Music Bank. The young solo singer will be taking a break after having a busy year with music promotions and her drama “Dream High.”

Tonight, IU is accompanied by pianist Shin Jiho, who has appeared on Star King and showed off his talent. Are you sad to see IU finish her promotion? Hopefully, she will have her well deserved rest and will come back with more music that wows us.

Check out her performance below!

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IU and BEAST’s Lee Kikwang take over as Yonghwa ends his reign as Inkigayo’s MC

9 Mar

SBS’s Inkigayo will now have four MCs as BEAST’s Lee Kikwang and IU will take over CNBlue’s Jung Yonghwa as Inkigayo’s MCs. Inkigayo’s PD, Kwak Seungyoung revealed to Newsen on March 9th, “After 8 months as an Inkigayo MC, Jung Younghwa will depart the show. IU and Lee Kikwang will take over his position. Inkigayo will now have four MCs: Sulli, Jokwon, IU and Lee Kikwang. IU and Lee Kikwang will begin their hosting duties on March 20th.”

Jung Yonghwa began his Inkigayo career on July 18th, 2010 and will have his last show this coming March 13th.

Are you excited to see the how the new MCs will fare?

Source: Newsen
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