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N7W New Front Page Site – JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong : I’ll Just Promote Jeju Myself !

19 Jul

“The scandal has officially gone past Korea and effected the whole system” – aktfnews

According to media reports, popular K-pop trio JYJ plan to file a complaint against Korean TV station KBS for cancelling the group’s scheduled TV appearance on Wednesday night in a concert to promote Jeju Island, which hopes to be one of the New7Wonders of Nature. In May, JYJ became honorary ambassadors for Jeju.
Responding to the KBS cancellation, band member Kim Jaejoong tweeted: “If there’s an obstacle in the way blocking the promotion of our country’s natural landscape then I’ll just promote it myself.” He then added: “@gentlechan If 100,000 people tweet a picture of Jeju Island, won’t at least 20 million people learn of it?” Kim Jaejoong also changed his Twitter profile picture to a picture of Jeju Island.

The KBS cancellation is seen in some quarters as collateral damage in a broader battle between JYJ and SM Entertainment, an independent Korean record label, talent agency, producer and publisher of pop music. A Soompi.com profile of SM Entertainment founder, Lee Soo Man, created the picture of an ambitious, visionary K-pop figure, who is not afraid to drive a hard bargain.

“However, there are also some concerns over SME’s growing control over the entire industry. One of them is the on-going lawsuit with JYJ, or the three former members of DBSK. Since the fallout from DBSK last year over contract disputes with SME, JYJ has not been able to land much TV spots nor freely promote their album in Korea — and many fans suspect SME might be putting ‘backdoor pressure’ on local broadcasters as well as industry officials in order to hamper the trio’s promotions as a group. There’s no proof to it, but the recent controversy over KBS and JYJ may also be an indication to the ‘backdoor pressure,’ since JYJ was replaced by SNSD and f(x), two SM artists, on a special KBS TV show. It was reported that KBS abruptly canceled JYJ’s scheduled appearance on its special show for Jeju Island’s Seven Wonders Concert, four days prior to the live broadcast, and JYJ is currently planning to file a compliant as well as a lawsuit over this issue.”

Despite the dispute, JYJ management, C-JeS Entertainment, stated on Allkpop.com: “JYJ will be cheering on Jeju Island’s effort, regardless of the current situation.”

Source: N7W News
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JYJ Jaejoong receives a hospital care for bacterial infection

12 Jul

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong recently made a visit to Vietnam and it has been reported that the singer has been bitten by an insect while on his visit, to which he received treatment too late. In mid-June, Jaejoong visited Ho Chi Minh City for a charity football match.

At the time, he received an insect bite on his right arm. At first, he disregarded the bite, but as it was itchy, he continuously scratched it until the cut became deeper. Once he returned to Korea, the bite had already gotten infected and Jaejoong visited the hospital for treatment and care.

An official from Jaejoong’s agency stated that Jaejoong had received late treatment and according to the test results, “he received bacterial infection due to the late treatment and it has already spread throughout his right arm.” The official continues, “Bits of the scar still remains and there is still a bit of irritation and inflammation. The treatment isn’t done yet and he will continue to receive treatment for the infection.”

Jaejoong is currently filming for his SBS drama “Defend The Boss.”

Source: Newsen
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Kim Jaejoong is Happy To Act in “The Bos Has Changed”

25 Jun

This will be the first time JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong would be participating in a Korean local drama series.

On the 24th this month, his agency confirmed that Kim Jaejoong would be acting in the SBS drama series “The Boss Has Changed”, to be broadcasted on 3 August.

Kim Jaejoong would be taking on the character of competent “Prince of Finance World” Cha Mu Heon, and would be starring together with Ji Sung, Choi Gang Hee and Wang Ji Hye.

His agency announced, “ Kim Jaejoong would be acting in ‘The Boss Has Changed’. Previously, his role in Japan FujiTV’s drama “Sunao Ni Narenakute”, was awarded Best supporting actor in last year’s Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix. This time round, he would be displaying his good acting skills to the audience.”

Kim Jaejoong will be making his debut appearance in the Korean film industry through this drama series. Together with his co stars in “Sunao Ni Narenakute”, Ueno Juri and Eita, he had received much compliments for their acting.

Through his agency, Kim Jaejoong expressed, “ I’m glad to be able to meet such a good filming crew and actors. This drama series would be a really relaxing one, and I’ll start preparing right away for the filming after the end of our JYJ World Tour Concert.”

In addition, JYJ would be holding the “2011 JYJ World Tour Concert-Encore” in Gwangju on 26 June.

Source: [baidujyj]
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JYJ’s Junsu, Jaejoong, Park Ji Sung, and Han Hye Jin @ Asian Dream Cup 2011 Pre

14 Jun

Take a look at the video here where JYJ’s Junsu and JaeJoong,Park Ji Sung and Han Hye Jin at the press conference of Asian Dream Cup 2011.

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Jaejoong Ranks High In Poll for Japanese Teens Among Hyde, YamaPi, Arashi, and other Top Japanese Stars

15 May

Jaejoong did very well in a ranking with top Japanese celebrities of Japan.

“Girls Walker” is a popular magazine for Japanese teenage girls. It has a music section which it terms “Music Walker.” Readers may remember that Jaejoong has ranked among the very top stars of Japan in a survey by Music Walker in February as an artist to whom one would like to give chocolates for Valentines Day. (See here)

This week, Jaejoong repeated his feat, in a survey on which artist these girls would like to have as their boyfriend:

(1) Hyde of L’Arc ~ en ~ Ciel

(2) Yamada Ryosuke of Hey! Say! JUMP

(3) Fukuyama Masaharu

(4) Yamashita Tohomisa of NEWS, aka YamaPi

(5) Jaejoong of JYJ

(6) Takuya of UVERworld

(7) Takahiro of EXILE

(8) Masaki Aiba of Arashi

(9) Sakurai Sho of Arashi

(10) Tachibana Keita of W-inds

Amazing and so nice to see Jaejoong compete and hold his own with the top of the top artists of Japan, such as the above!

Source: Music Walker
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Jaejoong Appearing at a Baseball Stadium “Crying and Smiling” Why Did He Come?

3 May

JYJ’s Hero Jaejoong appeared in a baseball stadium.

Hero Jaejoong came out sat in the audience seat on the 1st at Seoul Gamshil Stadium to see pro baseball match between LG Twins and Nexen Heroes. Hero Jaejoong is from the same elementary school as Nexen’s pitcher Oh Jaeyoung and has maintained his friendship [with Oh] for a long time. Jaejoong brought joy to fans with various changes in his expression–serious when Nexen was loosing and smiling widely when the game turned around. On this day, Nexen won against LG with [a score of] 10-9.
Source. Nate News
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JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun’s Photoshoots Image Become Hot Topic

20 Apr

JYJ members Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun’s photographs from an apparel ad photoshoot has captured the female fans’ hearts.

On 18 April, the apparel brand left a message online, saying “You’ve waited for a long time, right? From today, we will be revealing everything bit by bit.” and also uploaded images from the photoshoot location. In the photograph, the little girl stands between the two members and is holding on to one of their hands each. Both members were wearing short-sleeved t-shirts with matching khaki pants, while carrying a picnic basket, creating a casual atmosphere. Netizens who saw the photo said, “If only I could be that little girl,” “I can’t wait for more photos to be revealed,” and other comments.

Also, JYJ’s other member Kim Junsu, who is part of the celebrity football team FC MEN, scored the winning goal during the “2011 Peace Star Cup Celebrity Soccer Competition” held on 15 April, showing his true soccer potential.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Isplus]

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Interview with Jaejoong: On Twitter Changes; On Loneliness; On Wishing for More Activities; On His Tears and Desire to Meet with Fans

11 Apr

[Star Interview] JYJ Kim Jaejoong, “Loneliness—Overcoming it with Music.”

JYJ’s member Kim Jaejoong. The expression on his face, whom I met prior to the (actual) interview, was bright, and his voice was cheerful. He said that he “drank a few glasses of beer” on the interview that took place immediately prior to this one and suggested that this interview also double as a second round.

The place in which Jaejoong finished his interview with the other paper was a café in Shinmunro, Seoul. We moved to a pub in Samsungdong, where he used to live once. Inside of the car with which we moved together, he started to talk about his recent interests in order to ease the atmosphere (T/N: presumably, the reporter and Jaejoong are strangers). Actually, the talk was on the misunderstandings and the truths that mire Japan’s earthquakes and radioactivity. He struck me as a man of considerable insight. I asked him: “do you read a lot of newspapers and books?” The response that was passed to me was: “I learn more things from people than books.”

When we arrived to the pub, he poured out a few cell phones onto the aluminum table. There were six cell phones, and among them were some models that he used to use in Japan. Apparently, he does not differentiate between the cell phones as “for work” or “for family.” He also deleted many of his contacts, which at one time numbered over 1,000.

“As we push through on (only) our own strength, there was a person or two who drifted away. And, as I refrain from contacting them because I felt sad (T/N: literally, “disappointed”) (at their drifting away), it seems that the people around me are reducing (in number)… But even so, to me—I have the Members and the Fans.”

Inside Kim Jaejoong’s words were complexity. He wrote on his twitter profile “JYJ from TVXQ,” and on the day of the interview he posted a tweet reading “JYJ.” Could it be that the past and the present, the dream and the reality are muddled together?

“That TVXQ is my beginning is obvious and is unchanging. I didn’t put any other special meaning into it (T/N: changing his profile to “JYJ from TVXQ”). On posting the (tweet) that read “JYJ,” it was because upon waking up in the morning I all of a sudden felt that the whole of my life was “JYJ.” The period (at the end)? Um, that really had no particular meaning… Haha.”

In the interviews that he had with a few media sources, Kim Jaejoong brought out even private stories, such as “I’ve dated 4 women,” without concealing. He confessed his complicated and intricate family story and other things, but he said that the story that he really wanted to tell was on “music.”

“I learned so much by taking charge of all of the directing of the stage for the Thailand concert. As I took on the title of “executive director,” there were many worries. If it goes well, then it’s thanks to the staff, but if it does not go well, then it’s my fault—I had such worries too. Since I’d already made up my mind, I wanted to be responsible for everything. I went (to the venue) earlier, prior to the concert, and checked detail by detail from the placement of the stage to the routes of movement. It’s fortunate that it ended will, but in truth, it’s largely thanks to Junsu and Yoochun. Haha.”

The past 2nd and 3rd in the concert hall of Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand, JYJ met with 22,000 or so fans through their World Tour 2011. Kim Jaejoong, with the staff, made everything—from the lights, movement paths, costumes, and the like. To check the time that it takes to move under the stage in order to prepare for the next stage, he took at stop watch and ran (the distance) himself.

“Because I am a singer who sing songs, I’ve often thought “ah, what would it be like if there was this such part.” If I come to direct often in the future, wouldn’t I be able to create a more perfect stage?”

This World Tour will cross major cities of Asia and North America and will decorate its splendid finale on June 11 and 12th in Korea. Kim Jaejoong is a beginner director but he was confident that he will improve little by little and will become complete in the future. The surprise revealing of the self-made songs of JYJ members through the concert was also a novel present for the fans.

“As the fans also probably felt, I think that nowadays our musical color changed slightly. In the past, we didn’t have songs like “Fallen Leaves.” It is true that we wondered whether we could do a song that did not have a beat. In order to keep pursuing change, I am thinking about studying harmonics. As I create songs, it seems, also, that I need the theoretical background as well.”

As time passed, as the glasses of soju emptied, inside his words was his inner heart rather than jokes. Jaejoong talked about his inner heart that he felt while looking at the incidents relating to his former agency, the few colleagues and juniors who are changing little by little, and the wall from the world that is becoming erected without his knowledge as he receives hurt. Most of all, he repeated, over and over, that he wished to do activities that are varied, like the other members.

That he had a swelled heart that hoped that when the conflict with the former agency died down, he would be able to meet with the fans often through TV– is his revelation of his true feelings. The image of Jaejoong who sometimes shows tears during fan meetings floated to my mind. At my question that asked whether he was lonely, he instead responded with laughter.

“Where and how shall I meet with fans? Actually, the majority of recent worries is precisely that. I believe that everything will be okay. I plan to sing for all of my life, I can’t become worn out. Haha.”

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Jaejoong’s majestic hanbok fashion, “was he an emperor in his past life?”

28 Mar

A photo of JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong in a hanbok was recently uploaded onto an online community, capturing the attention of his fans. In the photo, Jaejoong is clad in a golden hanbok decorated with elaborate embroidery. His black hair and exceptionally milky complexion further makes him stand out.

It was taken during the filming of “JYJ Reality”, which was abruptly cancelled at the start of the month.

Netizens commented, “It’s not a piece of clothing that anyone pull off, but he looks good in it,” and “A color that matches with the folding screen? Good sense indeed”.

On the other hand, comments such as, “It’s such a pity that we won’t be able to watch the show,” and “I wish we will be able to watch it soon” were also left on the board.

What are your thoughts on the photo?

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8 Mar

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