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Court order states SM Entertainment will pay 20 million won each time they interfere with JYJ activities

24 Feb

After the Seoul Central District Court dismissed both of SM Entertainment’s injunctions against JYJ last week, the judge Kim Daewong has decided to incur a fee against SM Entertainment every time they interfere with JYJ’s activities. Through a press release, JYJ’s current acting agency said on February 21st, “SM Entertainment will not be allowed to interfere with JYJ activities and will pay 20 million won every time they violate this court order.”

The court has decided that there is a possibility that SM Entertainment will interfere with JYJ’s activities, and in the case that they do interfere, have made this ruling. To prevent any possibilities of interference, the court has ordered a restraining order against SM Entertainment.

Even though the court has ruled in favor of JYJ, C-JeS Entertainment’s Baek Changjoo said, “There are still many obstacles to go over. There are many things still to be worked out even with the court ruling in our favor. I hope the public and fans support our cause and help create a more progressive celebrity system.”

Source: Hankyung
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(Info) Rumor Control: Learn more about the TVXQ5′s member “rotation”

21 Feb

Please don’t fall for yet another rumor that some people are using to manipulate international fans: If you were told that either JJ, YC or CM was about to get “rotated” out of the group before or after TVXQ’s debut, if you were told that YH “cried and begged” SM so that JJ would be able to stay in the group, please read below to learn more about the “rotation”.

1) It was stated in January 2011’s court hearing by SM’s employee Kang, Jung Ah that SM was planning to take YH out of TVXQ before TVXQ’s debut. It was NOT JJ, YC or CM. Kang, Jung Ah also added that JS and JJ protested against this and hence YH debuted as a member of TVXQ.

2) There’s this one picture of 4 TVXQ members (everyone but JJ) and 1 SM trainee that has been floating around on the internet. This picture has caused fans to assume that it was JJ who was going to be rotated out of TVXQ.

However, this picture was taken out of “東方神起! Special Photo Essay TVfXQ! 3rd Storybook in Los Angeles” that SM published in 2004. Here’s the scanned pictures from that storybook (Click on the picture to Zoom):

Please take your time and check out ALL the pictures. You’ll see that there are various combinations of all five members and SM trainees. It was not just JJ who was missing from some pictures and replaced by SM trainees. So why was JJ singled out and targeted as the one who would be rotated out?

A fan saw TVXQ at the airport and posted a fan account that she saw JJ looking very down. That fan account was distorted and it spread over the internet that JJ was very depressed b/c he knew he was going to be kicked out of the team soon.

So it was just this 1 picture taken out of the whole photo book, combined with that one fan account, which generated the rumor that JJ was supposed to be kicked out of TVXQ. This rumor died down eventually. Recently it resurfaced thanks to a few people who started spreading it again.

3) CM and YC also became the targets of the same rumor; it was circulated at one point or another that either CM or YC was supposed to be kicked out of the team after TVXQ’s debut. However, these times, there was no story about how YH cried and begged SM to help YC or CM. The rumors disappeared eventually.

4) There is no evidence at all that YH cried and begged SM to let JJ, CM or YC stay in the group.

5) When SME attempted member rotation after TVXQ’s debut, YH’s father contacted a major fansite 2카동 (ikadong) and asked the administrators to upload a document on fans’ alliance’s webpage to stop the rotation. Here’s the link to ikadong’s announcement that mentions that event: galldcinside. There were a lot of fans who stated that YH is the one who was supposed to be rotated out. A lot of fans witnessed how YH’s fansite 그라티아 acted really quickly to stop the rotation. However, this all hearsay and there’s no direct evidence except fans’ statements that YH was supposed to be kicked off the group.

So what does this all mean? It means that:

1) YH almost did not debut as TVXQ but thanks to his team members, he did.

2) There’s NO evidence that JJ, CM or YC was going to be rotated.

3) The picture that some people are using as evidence that JJ was about to get rotated was taken out of context

4) There’s no evidence that YH was going to be rotated out, and there’s no evidence that his plea to SM saved his team member.

So why are some people reviving an old rumor at JJ’s expense to stress that YH helped a team member stay in the team? It appears that they are trying to emphasize that YH is a caring and responsible leader who saved his dear friend from losing his career and chance at stardom. But resorting to an old rumor to prop up Yunho’s reputation at the expense of JJ, how will that really help YH in the end?

Please feel free to RT, translate in other languages and post on your blog if you find this helpful. The second link may be deleted from DC Inside TVXQ Gallery if enough “hotel girls” report it as a problem. In that case, please copy and paste “이카동 공지” in your search engine and you should be able to find the same information posted on other sites.

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This is the picture they use to prove JJ wasn’t going to debut in TVXQ

But what about these pictures??

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(Fanart) No Title ….

5 Feb

JYJ funny Stuf

Bigbang Over Flower

Read your book ^^

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(Fanart) K-idol

31 Jan

Source : JYJ musicessay and jihoonfans

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(Fanart) Kpop Idol Anime TVXQ and JYJ

28 Jan