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SM Entertainment reveals Kyuhyun’s full medical results after his accident

12 Apr

Worrying his fans after being injured in a car accident last week, SM Entertainment finally reveals the full result of Kyuhyun’s complete medical check up.

On a recent interview with TV Report, a representative from SM Entertainment that the complete medical check up did not state any major injury on the part of the Super Junior member. On the 11th of April, he revealed that “Kyuhyun received bruises on his arms and legs from the accident. He received a complete medical checkup as a precaution. But, no other injury has been found. So, we feel relieved.”

Due to the injury, Kyuhyun wasn’t able to appear in the musical “The Three Musketeers” on the 8th, but is confirmed to continue his other schedules with no restrictions. Kyuhyun is set to leave South Korea in the middle of April to join Super Junior M’s promotional activity in China.

The representative further added that even though it wasn’t a major injury, he is currently resting and will be heading for a final medical check up today.

A day after the accident, Kyuhyun was spotted filming for the music video of the theme song for Superstar K Season 3.

Source:TV Report and Sujuism
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(Fanart) Kpop Idol Anime_SUJU

4 Feb

Choi Siwon and Labrador

Cho Gyuhyun and Yuki Sohma

Credite : lily_cassiopeia

(Fanart) K-idol

31 Jan

Source : JYJ musicessay and jihoonfans

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