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BEAST members reveal their thoughts on competition with MBLAQ

21 Jul

On July 20th, the members of BEAST appeared on MBC’s “Golden Fishery – Radio Star.” During the episode, the members were asked about their ongoing competition with MBLAQ. BEAST and MBLAQ debuted around the same time in late 2009. Due to their debut dates, netizens have always suggested a rivalry.

In response, BEAST responded with, “At the moment, I believe we are ranked a little ahead of MBLAQ.” Doojoon then continued with, “When we had just debuted, MBLAQ pushed ahead of us a lot. We felt foolish in comparison, and we even contemplated doing something else for a living.” Doojoon also added, “We were even envious of the light that Rain shined down on MBLAQ.”

The BEAST members also stated, “Even though were are on top of MBLAQ in terms of popularity at the moment, we are always in competition with each other.”

MBLAQ is currently promoting “Mona Lisa” on music shows. BEAST is in Japan promoting “Bad Girl” and will perform at the United Cube Concerts starting in Korea on August 14th.

Check out the segment below!


Source: Newsen, TV Report, and Oumae25
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MBLAQ’s First Solo Concert, Sold Out Seats Lead to The Speculation of Adding More Concert Dates!

22 Jun

On the 21st of June at 8PM, MBLAQ’s popularity was shown when the tickets at INTERPARK for the Men in MBLAQ concert were sold out in under one hour. There was extreme competition for tickets as not only fans in Korea, but international fans as well sought to buy tickets for the concert.

MBLAQ’s company JTuneCamp expressed, “International fans who couldn’t get tickets are constantly asking questions.” They also added that this concert was meant to have one show, but due to fans constant support, the company is discussing whether to add more dates to the concert.

This Men in MBLAQ concert has planned a concept of having the universe’s greatest performance with the 5 best performers. The teaser “Braniac Mir” released on the 21st of June started off the trail of teasers of the 5 boys that will be released, and the rest of the members’ individual concepts will be showcased soon.

MBLAQ’s first solo concert, Men in MBLAQ will happen on August 20th, opening at 5PM.

TRANSLATION: Lovelyjoonie@AbsoluteMBLAQ
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MBLAQ Will Be On Made In Japan MC BS 5 Special of The Month

30 Apr

The special of the month “MADE IN JAPAN MC BS 5” decided MBLAQ’s participation .

A new announcement came on Wednesday, the show’s special MC at the end of May will feature SM ☆ SH, MBLAQ and U-KISS! The concerts happen over four days in the next week, MBLAQ’s live concert is scheduled for May 7.

Source: Ameblo.
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MBLAQ expresses sadness over Yonghwa’s departure on “Inkigayo”

15 Mar

With CN Blue’s Jung Yonghwa ending his role as Inkigayo MC, the boys of MBLAQ were particularly vocal in conveying their sadness over his departure.

As Yonghwa said good-bye to the viewers, MBLAQ suddenly expressed on stage, “Yonghwa-ah, you worked hard!” Member Lee Joon repeated the phrase again after the speech was done.

Yonghwa departed due to his busy schedule, which includes a comeback with CN Blue as well as a new drama.

What do you think of MBLAQ’s reaction? Are you sad to see him leave, as well?

Sources: TV Daily, MBLAQ China and MBLAQ Attack
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MBLAQ’s first fan meet will broadcast in Japan

6 Mar

MBLAQ has been working hard to prepare for their Japanese debut, which is scheduled for May 2011. The boys have already released a greeting video to their Japanese fans, further heightening the anticipation for their debut. When the group (minus Mir, who was resting due to his spinal injury) flew to Japan for the first time, over 800 fans and reporters were present to welcome them.

In January of 2011, MBLAQ held their first fan meeting in Korea. As promotions for their Japanese debut, their first fan meeting will broadcast from 3PM to 5PM on April 2nd via the Japanese station, DATV.

Are you anticipating MBLAQ’s Japanese debut?

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