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Jewelry and FT Island Said Good Bye On Music Core!

25 Jun

Jewelry concluded their promotional activities for Pass on today’s Music Core!!

Besides,FT Island also performed their last stage for Hello Hello on Music Core,enjoy their performance here!

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U-Kiss comes back to Music Core later than “0330”

9 Apr

U-Kiss released their latest album on the 29th of March. The boys completed their debut stages last week on M! Countdown, Music Bank, and finally on Inkigayo. However, U-Kiss did not get a chance to perform their comeback stage on Music Core, due to its cancellation last week.

Tonight, U-Kiss finally made their comeback on Music Core. On tonight’s episode, U-Kiss performed “0330”. Their songs from their latest mini album have been successful, especially due to the fact that they recently picked up two new members, Hoon and AJ.

Check out their performance from tonight’s episode of Music Core, below!

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Infinite & ZE:A make a comeback on Music Core

20 Mar

March the 19th, both groups Infinite and ZE:A made a comeback through Music Core.

Infinite performed two new songs “Shot” and “Nothing’s over” mixed together. Check out their performance below:

On the other hand, ZE:A performed their song “Here I am”. And this is their show:

What did you guys think? Infinite was better, or vice-versa?

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Big Bang makes their comeback on Music Core “Tonight”

12 Mar

Big Bang makes another great comeback this week with their stage on MBC Music Core tonight. On tonight’s show, the YG group were only able to sing one song for their stage and performed the smashing hit title song “Tonight.”

Earlier this week, Big Bang made a comeback on M! Countdown with “Cafe” and “Tonight.” In addition, last night they also performed “Tonight” for their comeback stage on KBS Music Bank. Big Bang grabbed their second M! Countdown Award and their second K-Chart since their comeback.

Will they grab their third award at Inkigayo tomorrow night? What’s your favorite part of their “Tonight” performance?

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IU says goodbye with “The Story Only I Didn’t Know” on Music Core

12 Mar

IU took the stage tonight and performed “The Story I Didn’t Know” for the last time on Music Bank. The young solo singer will be taking a break after having a busy year with music promotions and her drama “Dream High.”

Tonight, IU is accompanied by pianist Shin Jiho, who has appeared on Star King and showed off his talent. Are you sad to see IU finish her promotion? Hopefully, she will have her well deserved rest and will come back with more music that wows us.

Check out her performance below!

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