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After School subgroups release MV teasers

19 Jul

Just last week, girl group After School confirmed the final sub-group line-ups for their upcoming round of promotions. A.S. Red members Kahi, Jungah, Nana, and UEE will showcase a sexy, powerful concept that will highlight their strong vocals, while A.S. Blue members Jooyeon, Raina, Lizzy, and E-Young will demonstrate a sweet/cute concept with summery looks.

So far, the sub-groups’ individual concept photos and jacket covers have been revealed. A.S. Blue has also revealed their tracklist.

Most recently, Pledis Entertainment revealed MV teasers from both sub-groups. A.S. Red’s debut MV will be “In the Night Sky”, while A.S. Blue’s will be for “Wonder Boy”.

A.S. Red’s “In the Night Sky” MV teaser relies on synthesizer and close-ups of the individual members. It previews a few seconds of the choreography before cutting to a shot of the girls overlooking what appears to be the cityscape.

A.S. Blue’s “Wonder Boy” MV teaser is light and breezy, kicking it off with string instrumentals and the girls beaming at the camera and playing with props like the telephone and gigantic balloons. The “Wonder Boy” MV teaser shows more of the sub-group’s choreography than does A.S. Red’s teaser.

After School will be making their Japanese debut with a Japanese remake of their hit song “Bang!”; just yesterday they released an MV teaser for the track.

Are you looking forward to the After School subgroups’ upcoming promotions? What do you expect from the subgroups’ full MVs?

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ZE:A releases MV teaser for “Here I Am”

14 Mar

After revealing their album teaser and a new set of concept photos, ZE:A has released a 30-second teaser for “Here I Am”.

The excerpt opens with all boys visibly executing the choreography. First evident through the concept photos released the other day, ZE:A will be pursuing a clean, fresh image for the “Here I Am” promotions. They make good use of clever camera angles and interact with the audience by “drawing” images on the screen. They are shown to be magical in the sense that whatever they draw on screen becomes a reality.

Baby J from Jewelry will be featured in the “Here I Am” music video, and she makes her first appearance towards the end of the video teaser. With their sweet gestures, ZE:A may steal not only Baby J’s heart, but the hearts of viewers everywhere.

The full MV for “Here I Am” is coming up, and their new album “Lovability” is slated for a March 17 release. What are your expectations for the full MV, given what you have seen of it so far?

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TVXQ releases “Before You Go” music video teaser

11 Mar

SM Entertainment has released the music video teaser for TVXQ’s “Before You Go” on their Youtube channel. The music video seems to follow a storyline and features SM Entertainment actors Go Ara and Choi Jongyoon, as well as TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin.

Unfortunately, fans were not able to hear much of an audio preview for “Before You Go” in the music video teaser. “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” was used during most of the video teaser. A snippet of “Before You Go” can be heard in the last 10 seconds of the video.

From what was revealed in the teaser, Go Ara, Choi Jongyoon, Yunho, and Changmin all play police officers and the four music video actors can be seen fighting. It looks like Changmin isn’t done beating on Yunho just yet. This time he has a gun, uh oh.

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