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Rock band 4Hz reveals MV for “You For You”

26 Nov

4Hz, or 4Hertz, revealed the music video for their latest track “You For You” earlier today. The music video features the title track from the band’s first mini album “Trauma”.

The mini album features five different tracks, including “Monster”, “You For You”, “Lay Silk On My Heart”, “Prayer”, and “Trauma”. The song “Trauma” was earlier released as a single.

This young band has been participating in many different festivals since the release of their first single last June, and started off with a whole new experience by releasing their first mini album earlier this month on November 17th.

What do you think of their music video?

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(Video) JYJ’s Get Out MV

21 Sep

Finnaly, JYJ’s Get Out MV released. Public were waiting for long time to watch MV of In Heaven and Get Out. In Heaven MV had released a few days ago, in this MV you can see act ability of Junsu and Ji Hyo. Daebak for them both.

Get Out MV? What should I say? Speechless. Awesome, noone can ignore this fact. Watch this MV first and give your comment? Feel the emotion.

Kim Hyunjoong reveals “Kiss Kiss” MV

13 Jul

Kim Hyunjoong will begin promoting his follow up song “Kiss Kiss” from his solo mini-album, “Break Down,” this week. His first title song “Break Down” received 2 K-Chart wins and 2 M!Countdown wins. “Kiss Kiss” is an upbeat and cheerful pop dance song in which will allow Kim Hyunjoong to express his feeling towards his fans.

For the second title song, Kim Hyunjoong has released the music video for “Kiss Kiss.” The music video shows various scenes of Kim Hyunjoong and his journey since the release of his solo mini-album, including backstage scenes and practice scenes. Throughout the video, Kim Hyunjoong can be seen driving in his white convertible.

The end of the video ends with Kim Hyunjoong performing “Kiss Kiss.” Are you excited for his promotions for “Kiss Kiss” and what do you think of its significance?

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9 Jun

It’s new South Korea’s Boyband from Starship Entertainment (same company where K.Will and Sistar work), their first debuted on M!Net Countdown May 26th 2011 with single “Boyfriend”. Each members appeared on their sunbae’s MV before their debuted.

Jo Twins (Kwangmin and Youngmin) played role as students on MBC‘s Daily Sitcom “All My Love“

M!Countdown Video Debut

Member Profile

Name : Kim Dong Hyun (김동현)
Age: 21
Birthday : 1989.02.12
Height : 178 cm
Weight : 60 kg
Speciality: Knows Japanese
Educational Background : MyeongJi University – Musical Science
– Leader + hyung of the group

“I can’t see myself doing anything else. I want to become a singer with a huge influence on teenagers.” Donghyun, becomes the oldest member during trainee in Starship Entertainment, he was being trainee 6 years.

Name : Sunho / Hyun Seong (현성)
Birthday : 1993.06.09
Educational Background : Young Dong High School

Name : Lee Jeong Min (이정민)
Birthday : 1994.01.02
Educational Background : Seoul Music High School
Age : 17Star
Sign : Capricorn

Name : Jo Kwang Min (조광민)
Birthday : 1995.04.24
Height : 180 cm
Educational Background : School of Performing Arts Seoul
– The older brother from the twins
– Appeared as student on MBC‘s Daily Sitcom “All My Love“
– Appeared on Sistar‘s “Push – Push” MV

Name : Jo Young Min (조영민)
Birthday : 1995.04.24
Height : 180 cm
Educational Background : School of Performing Arts Seoul
– The younger brother from the twins
– Appeared as student on MBC‘s Daily Sitcom “All My Love“
– Appeared on Sistar‘s “Push – Push” MV

Name : No Min Woo (노민우)
Birthday : 1995.07.31
Height : 174 cm
Educational Background : School of Performing Arts Seoul
– Appeared as student on MBC‘s Daily Sitcom “All My Love“
– Appeared on K.Will‘s “Can’t Open Up My Lips” MV
1st Single Album – Boyfriend
01. Let’s Get It Started (Intro)

02. Boyfriend (Title Song)

03. You & I

Credit : korea.com

Brave Girls releases “So Sexy” MV

8 Jun

After teasing fans with images from their latest music video, Brave Girls have unveiled their second music video “So Sexy.” It was reported that the group and producers initially had trouble picking between the songs “So Sexy” and “Do You Know” as Brave Girls’ debut song. Because they had believed the song trend found in “So Sexy” had passed, “Do You Know” was chosen.

“So Sexy” was produced by Mr. Kang and Brave Brothers, and features the Brave Girls in sexy police-like uniforms. Halfway through the music video, Brave Girls performed a powerful dance break, showing off their impeccable dance skills.

Take a look at the video below! How do you like “So Sexy”? Do you feel that they picked the right song for their debut?

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SNSD’s Yoona will star in SHINee’s Japanese “Replay” MV

26 May

Behind-the-scenes footage and an extended teaser of SHINee’s Japanese “Replay — You’re My Everything” music video reveal that SNSD’s Yoona will star in the video, most likely as the “noona” referenced by the song.

The footage, which aired on Japanese television, includes clips that show Yoona reading a book in casual clothes and then sporting a stylish black ribbon in her hair. The video also includes interviews with SHINee, their fans, and footage of them shooting the music video, which will be released in full on June 22nd.

Sources: Soshified and rightnowsee
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Super Junior reveals MV for “Bijin”

25 May

A week after dedicated fans of Super Junior spliced together radio recordings to create a full version of “Bijin”, the MV has been revealed.

In a stark contrast with typical MV’s, “Bijin” is composed of concert footage spliced together from Super Show 3 performances taking place in Japan, eerily similar to how fans put together the full recording.

You can view the MV below. Do you like the unusual direction they went with it?

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A pink’s MV for “I Don’t Know” of their debut album released, to debut on “M Countdown”

20 Apr

Rookie girl group A Pink released the music video to their song ‘I Don’t Know.’

On April 19th before noon, A Pink garnered attention through having BEAST’s Lee Kikwang feature in the music video of their debut song ‘I Don’t Know’ which was released through their official homepage.

Along with the music video, their debut album ‘Seven Springs of A PINK’ was released on respective music sites and once it had been unveiled, it captured the eyes and ears of music fans simultaneously.

Continuing further, the title song ‘I Don’t Know’ is a work of Super Chang Ddaee’s, adding a classic yet sweet and lively feel as well as holding all the charming vocals of A Pink members in completing a comfortable sound, foreshadowing to be a hit maker in the music industry.

Also in the music video ‘I Don’t Know,’ A Pink and BEAST’s Lee Kikwang portray pastel tone-like scenes as if it were a story. Lee Kikwang becomes the lucky main who received the seven girls’ confession filled with nervousness as he has close-ups filled with a pleased and loving facial expression as he encounters each girl one by one.

Meanwhile, A Pink will start off their debut with their title song ‘I Don’t Know’ on Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’ on February 21st.


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Lee Hyun reveals “Saying” MV + digital single ft. Mighty Mouth

11 Apr

After a successful run with his single “You Are The Best of My Life,” Lee Hyun releases his next digital single featuring the duo Mighty Mouth. The trio became good friends during a variety show they guested in, which resulted in this special collaboration.

A few days ago, Lee Hyun and Mighty Mouth released a teaser for their song “Although You Said So.” The teaser gave fans a peek at the trio’s friendship.

The music video was released at the same time as the digital single and gives fans a peak behind-the-scenes of the recording. Lee Hyun and Mighty Mouth are also seen goofing off during the recording of the music videos and show off their silly sides.

“Although You Said So” was produced by Bang Shihyuk. The powerful vocals of Lee Hyun and Mighty Mouth’s rapping blend together very well for this collaboration. What do you think of it?

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F.T Island Released “Satisfaction” MV

5 Apr

FT Island revealed the MV of their japanese song Satisfaction,check out their MV here,love their new song?

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