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Big Bang’s 4.5 album cover revealed + pre-order info

31 Mar

We previously reported on the track list for Big Bang’s 4.5 album, and now YGE Shop has the album up for pre-order, with some new details.

Though the album price of 17,000 won ($15.44 USD) and a pre-order date ending on April 7th are new info, the biggest revelation is the album cover. The new cover contrasts with the teaser cover, which was starkly put on a white background, and the mini-album cover, which was white-on-black. This new album cover features a neon green skull outline. If you look closely, you can tell that the skull’s teeth form the keys of the piano.

The album will contain 10 songs, a Big Bang poster, YG Family Card, and a 100+ page photobook. The album can be pre-ordered at YGE Shop.

Will you be pre-ordering?

Sources: YGE Shop and iBigBang

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