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TVN News : Park Yoochun and Park Yoohwan

26 Nov

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Park Yoochun and Lee Dahae explain their absence during “Miss Ripley” party

21 Jul

Park Yoochun and Lee Dahae’s absence on the drama’s celebration party has caused some speculations online. Following the drama’s finale, the production team threw a celebration party, with their lead actors Park Yoochun and Lee Dahae unable to attend.

To clarify the issue, an official from Lee Daehae’s office confirmed that, “In relation to her activities in China, she had be shooting on that day. As it was not possible to remove this from her schedule, she was inevitably not able to attend the party. It is not due to any conflicts with any of the crew.”

Meanwhile, Park Yoochun’s representatives also declared that, “There was a shooting for an advertisement scheduled during this day. This was scheduled before deciding to participate in the drama so we could not avoid it. We were planning for him to attend after the shooting a little later, but the shooting ran later than we expected so it was not possible.”

The clarifications were sent after the two lead actors from the hit drama were unable to attend which sparked online speculations that the absences were due to a feud between the two. Both parties have now explained that the two stars were not able to attend because of their schedules.

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MBC Being Kept Alive By “Singer” Yoochun Being One Of Them

6 Jul

The powers of the singers are strong on the MC dramas and variety programs. All throughout the week on important programs singers are leading, and there is even talk that “MBC is fed by the singers.”

In Miss Ripley which is being aired and is a Monday-Tuesday drama, group JYJ’s Park Yoochun is appearing as lead. This is his second time acting following last year’s Sungkyunkwan Scandal but he is pulling off nuanced emotional scenes and is receiving praise. The evaluation is that he is contributing largely to the increase in ratings by securing JYJ’s existing fans as regular viewers.

[Parts unrelated to Yoochun omitted]

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JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun’s Photoshoots Image Become Hot Topic

20 Apr

JYJ members Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun’s photographs from an apparel ad photoshoot has captured the female fans’ hearts.

On 18 April, the apparel brand left a message online, saying “You’ve waited for a long time, right? From today, we will be revealing everything bit by bit.” and also uploaded images from the photoshoot location. In the photograph, the little girl stands between the two members and is holding on to one of their hands each. Both members were wearing short-sleeved t-shirts with matching khaki pants, while carrying a picnic basket, creating a casual atmosphere. Netizens who saw the photo said, “If only I could be that little girl,” “I can’t wait for more photos to be revealed,” and other comments.

Also, JYJ’s other member Kim Junsu, who is part of the celebrity football team FC MEN, scored the winning goal during the “2011 Peace Star Cup Celebrity Soccer Competition” held on 15 April, showing his true soccer potential.

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Park Yoochun’s Sungkyunkwan Scandal to be Shown in Japanese Theaters

11 Apr

Zhang Keun-Suk and Park Yoochun, “Heat Up the Archipelago”

Actor Zhang Keun-Suk and Park Yoochun are showing off a popularity that won’t cool in Japan.

The dramas in which they respectively starred as leads, “You are a Good-Looking Man” and “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” will have exclusive screenings in 60 Warner · Mical theaters all across Japan… The “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” through which Park Yoochun successfully transformed into an actor, has in 2 hours and 8 minutes the implications of the 20 episodes. The organizers emphasized: “This is not a digest. We re-edited so that it is a completed story of one episode.” (unneeded parts omitted)

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JYJ’s Junsu and Yoochun avoid disaster in Japan

11 Apr

Both Yoochun and Junsu of JYJ managed to avoid the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Yoochun had left Japan the day before the disaster struck, but he had been supposed to film in the country for the new MBC drama “Goodbye Miss Ripley.”

Junsu, on the other hand, “was supposed to be in Sendai when the earthquake hit.” He revealed that he could have become a victim of the tsunami if he hadn’t been persuaded by his staff not to visit Sendai. Because he enjoyed the seascape and hot springs of Sendai, the singer had originally planned to film a bit of his project there.

Luckily for Junsu, the staff convinced him that filming in Sendai wouldn’t fit the project’s concept, so he stayed in Tokyo to finish. Sendai was an area heavily devastated by the March 11th earthquake. Even though he was in Tokyo, he still experienced the disaster, though on a much smaller degree. “Everything was shaking violently,” he recalled, “and it’s scary to think of what could have happened if I had been stubborn about going to Sendai.”

With great difficulty, he was able to return to Korea the next day and attend the scheduled JYJ fanmeet. The three members of JYJ also donated 600 million won to the international aid organization World Vision to help aid victims of the disaster.

What do you think of their close call?

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Yuchun & Lee Dahae at the Crank-In Ceremony for a New Drama “Ripley”

30 Mar

Yuchun & Lee Dahae at the Crank-In Ceremony for a New Drama “Ripley”

Park Yuchun, Lee Dahae, and other actors grabbed attention by maintaining a serious yet friendly demeanor while attending the crank-in ceremony [T/N: the Korean word used in the article is “gosa,” which means “a ritual in which food is offered to the spirits in order to avoidmisfortune and bring good luck”] for MBC’s new Mon-Tues drama “Ripley.”

Park Yuchun, Lee Dahae, Kim Seungwoo, and Kang Haejung, the main actors in “Ripley,” and producers Hanhee CP, Choi Leesup PD, Writer Kim Sunyoung wished for the drama’s success on the 21st by attending the crank-in ceremony held on MBC’s set in Young-in, Kyunggido.

The oldest cast member, Kim Seungwoo, hosted the ceremony by channeling his inner MC and providing witty remarks. After looking through the donations made by the main cast members and presidents of management companies, Kim made everyone at the scene laugh by saying things like “I know everything,” calling out the name of an actor who paid (comparatively) less.

Park Yuchun and Lee Dahae showed unique passion about this project by quietly exchanging opinions about their characters and focusing on their acting even during the ceremony.

[Omitted – summary of Ripley (repeated from many past articles)]

Click Cut for More Pictures…. O_O Yoochun’s drama looks soooooo good????!!! The cast looks very cool together. Daeback ^__^

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JYJ in Malaysian Weekend Newspaper – “JYJ hit Indonesia”

28 Feb

Last year, JYJ group consist of Junsu, Jejung and Yuchun had met their fans in New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

This year, the trio is going to held World Tour Concert to promote their latest album titled Their Rooms.

After Thailand and Singapore, the concert that is going to be held in this April also include Indonesia as one of their stop.

This happy news is confirmed by the concert organizers in Indonesia which are DreamCatcher and Buck Up Show. JYJ concert in Indonesia is scheduled to take place on this 9 April.

(Featured in Pancaindera; Mingguan Malaysia.)
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Fans-Created JYJ Internet Radio Station Will Hit First Airing on March 3rd

26 Feb

Internet radio station that is built by JYJ fans is already finalized and will start its first airing on March 3rd in the country.

According to an official of this JYJ internet radio station dedicated to broadcast JYJ’s songs, the radio is going to be active on coming March 3rd at 8 pm for more than two hours long.

In commemoration of the first airing, each day in the one week special will be decorated with moment of celebration footages of Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu’s friends from various fields such as comedian, actors, broadcasters, singers, and musical actors. A fanmade music video containing JYJ-related pictures that were sent from fans world-wide will also be released.

After the first broadcast episode, the radio station is scheduled to operate for 1 hour and can be accessed from many different countries.

This JYJ broadcast network is established as private broadcast station dedicated to JYJ by fans, for around a while fans have worked together to promote the website as well as recruit all staffs needed to run an internet radio including web designer, DJ, and writers from all over the country.

Due to conflicts with former agency SM Entertainment, JYJ’s broadcasting activities have been pretty much disrupted, leaving some fans in concern. This ‘fanmade’ internet radio station is indeed an example that shows huge influence of a powerful fanbase that surprised the officials.

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Court order states SM Entertainment will pay 20 million won each time they interfere with JYJ activities

24 Feb

After the Seoul Central District Court dismissed both of SM Entertainment’s injunctions against JYJ last week, the judge Kim Daewong has decided to incur a fee against SM Entertainment every time they interfere with JYJ’s activities. Through a press release, JYJ’s current acting agency said on February 21st, “SM Entertainment will not be allowed to interfere with JYJ activities and will pay 20 million won every time they violate this court order.”

The court has decided that there is a possibility that SM Entertainment will interfere with JYJ’s activities, and in the case that they do interfere, have made this ruling. To prevent any possibilities of interference, the court has ordered a restraining order against SM Entertainment.

Even though the court has ruled in favor of JYJ, C-JeS Entertainment’s Baek Changjoo said, “There are still many obstacles to go over. There are many things still to be worked out even with the court ruling in our favor. I hope the public and fans support our cause and help create a more progressive celebrity system.”

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