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Seungri wants Big Bang to be five members forever

21 Jul

Despite the negativity concerning fellow Big Bang member Daesung after being involved in a car accident, Seungri has enlightened their fans after his recent me2day update.

On a recent update, Seungri was quoted saying, “I want us to be five members ^^ Forever.” The update also contained a photo of Big Bang, complete as five members. Fans who have seen the update were touched by Seungri’s indirect message to Daesung, after all the press coverage.

Recently, Daesung along with YG Entertainment, have finally reached a settlement with the victim’s family and is likely to be summoned again for another round of investigation.

Meanwhile, Seungri will join the rest of YG Entertainment as they fly to Japan with 2NE1 for a special event. Details of their new announcement will be confirmed live via UStream tomorrow.

What are your thoughts on Seungri’s me2day update?

Source: Seungri’s Me2Day and BigbangUpdates
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Seungri’s Me2day Update

8 Jul

Translation: “YG exclusive trainer, Hwangssabu-nim’s diet secrets book has been published. In this hot summer along with this book, try making the best body^^

Source: Seungri’s Me2day
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Seungri tweets photos of his academies, plans to expand into China

10 May

Big Bang’s Seungri recently came into his own this year as a solo artist. He has revealed himself to be business-savvy as well, doing something that not many artists his age have done.

The maknae of Big Bang recently opened up three “academies” specializing in vocal and dance instruction in Gwanggju, Daejeon, and Mokpu, as a means of additional revenue not related to his contract. The Gwanggju branch in particular was featured on the April 28th episode of “Night Star,” where it was revealed by the principal of the academy that there are plans to expand outside of Korea with a branch in China.

In addition, the academies’ me2day account has been updated with pictures of all three branches, which have a decidedly modern feel, along with being very spacious.

Would you join the academy?

Gwangjjo Branch:

Mokpu Branch:

Daejoon Branch:

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Seungri Has Plans to Expland His Academy in China?

3 May

In the April 28th broadcast of Midnight Entertainment, Seungri’s academy in Gwangju was featured.

Seungri talked about his academy before on a talk show saying how he wanted to have another source of revenue aside from showbiz so he can feel stable.

In the short feature, the principal of the academy revealed, “Seungri would gather the students 2 to 3 hours to speak about life of a 35-year-old.” He also says things like, “No matter what, humans naturally have to joke with each other.” The principal also mentioned that there are plans to build an academy in China.

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Big Bang reveals Seungri teaser for “Love Song”

5 Apr

YG Entertainment and Big Bang have finally begun the countdown until the release of Big Bang’s 4.5 Special Edition mini-album. The group first release a teaser for their first new song off the album, “Stupid Liar.” Then, they began to release the first teaser for “Love Song” with a countdown, beginning with T.O.P.’s singing snippet. Fans are in awe at T.O.P.’s singing as it is one of the rare times that the Big Bang member has sung in a song.

The second teaser for “Love Song” featured Daesung. Daesung gave off a more upbeat chorus compared to T.O.P.’s soft and gentle teaser. Fans have high expectations for “Love Song,” and reactions to the teaser has fans loving “Love Song” over “Stupid Liar” as it shows off a completely different side to Big Bang VIPs have never seen since the group’s debut.

The third teaser features Seungri an upbeat snippet, similar to Daesung’s teaser, and still keeps to the gentleness that T.O.P.’s teaser revealed.

Big Bang will be going for a more “bare face” concept for this round of promotions, and fans will experience a more “relaxed” Big Bang. Big Bang’s 4.5 Special Edition album is set to be released on April 8th. Have you pre-ordered your copy of the album yet?

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