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SHINee’s single “Replay ~You are my everything” and KARA’s “Go Go Summer!” certified gold by RIAJ

8 Jul

Following SNSD’s recent certification of double-platinum for their 1st Japanese album “Girls’ Generation,” other groups have been certified Gold for their own Japanese single release. According to the RIAJ, KARA’s 4th Japanese single “Go Go Summer!” and SHINee’s debut Japanese single “Replay ~You are my everything” has achieved Gold status.

KARA released their 4th single on June 29th following their 3rd single “Jet Coaster Love.” The group has proven to be popular in Japan since their debut last year with “Mister.” Since their Japanese debut, they have been breaking numerous records.

SNSD’s juniors, SHINee, have also proven to be successful in Japan. The group signed a contract with EMI Japan and released their debut single on June 29th as well. According to the RIAJ, their debut single has achieved Gold status.

According to RIAJ’s criteria, albums selling 100,000 copies, 250,000 copies, and a million copies are certified Gold, Platinum, and Million respectively.

Meanwhile, SHINee’s Minho and Onew will soon take their leave from MBC Music Core’s MCs due to their oversea schedules.

Source: Ely and RIAJ
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Let’s Go Dream Team Episode With Super Junior, SHINee And Jung Mo Revealed

26 Jun

Check out the latest episode of Dream Team featuring your favourite stars Super Junior,SHINee and Jung Mo.

Many thanks to Shu Yee for the tip!
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Wanna Know SHINee’s Schedule For This Month

2 Jun

June 4 – 【Live】
PM 03:50 MBC-TV show! Music Core – MC gentleness * Bryant (Yongin, Caribbean Bay, an outdoor wave pool Special Stage)
【broadcast / scheduled】
Saturday PM 05:50 KBS-2TV declaration of freedom ‘immortal 2’ – Jonghyun (5 / 16 footage)

June 5 – 【Recording】
PM 04:00 KBS-2TV Team Season 2 from Asia with the stars from the Dream Team ‘- Minho, Minho (Daegu Stadium Tai Chi square)

June 10 – 【TV】
Republic of Korea PM 11:00 Love ‘2011 DREAM CONCERT ‘(5 / 28 footage)
【overseas performances】
PM 07:00 SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in PARIS (Le Zenith de Paris)

June 11 – 【broadcast / scheduled】
Saturday PM 05:50 KBS-2TV declaration of freedom ‘immortal 2’ – Jonghyun (23.05 footage)

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SNSD’s Yoona will star in SHINee’s Japanese “Replay” MV

26 May

Behind-the-scenes footage and an extended teaser of SHINee’s Japanese “Replay — You’re My Everything” music video reveal that SNSD’s Yoona will star in the video, most likely as the “noona” referenced by the song.

The footage, which aired on Japanese television, includes clips that show Yoona reading a book in casual clothes and then sporting a stylish black ribbon in her hair. The video also includes interviews with SHINee, their fans, and footage of them shooting the music video, which will be released in full on June 22nd.

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SHINee Minhop Made A Star Call About His Feeling of Being An Adult

21 May

After the recent ‘age coming day’, SHINee Minho made a star call today, saying about his feelings of being an adult. This what Minho said :

(English Trans)

hello everyone i am adult shinee’s minho !

not long ago it was age coming day

so i am also in my legal age now ! haha i was underage when i just debut !

till now i can’t believe that i am an adult now!

still i am legal age now skin is also ! oh ^^

i still love who i am now! , i hate growing up!~

no matter what the grown up Minho will work even harder!

and bring everyone to see the next level Minho will give, stay tune!

know it, now i am adult , i will wait for everyone to be legal age adult soon! those who are still underage i will wait! haha.

no matter what , goodbye !

not hanging up? but time is up ! goodbye!

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SHINee Interview ELLE Girl Korea June 2011

21 May

SHINee and photoshoot staff with Yukiko (in the middle)

About a year ago, Elle Girl Japan asked for related materials and our opinions in their preparation for an article on K-pop. One of the questions was which boy group’s debut in Japan is most expected, and Elle Girl Korea’s answer was SHINee.

The five slim boys’ slogan, “(we are) a contemporary band,” was elusive in the beginning, but now the public understands what it means intuitively. In their pursuit of what is new and best in everything from music and performance to fashion, SHINee was born to be global.

The joint interview both magazines have planned on for months was made in a studio in Shinsa-dong on an April afternoon. An Elle Girl Japan editor came over to Seoul to meet with SHINee whose debut in Japan had been scheduled, and set the place for the meeting with the five members with Elle Girl Korea.

There was a bit of tension as people communicated in Japanese, English and Korean in the studio, but when SHINee came in, the atmosphere became livelier. The members looked in a good condition, maybe because they were resting well during a break. They showed no hint of exhaustion or nervousness while greeting the staff and talking about the photoshoot.

During their interview with Elle Girl Japan, they showed off their Japanese and introduced themselves excitedly as if they were back to their debut days. In the following photoshoot, they left behind their usual attitude as ‘chic fashionistas’ and acted free like backstage ‘rock boys.’ The five members laughed, played with each other, and made expressions unseen before. Whether it was because they liked the photoshoot together for a magazine pictorial they didn’t have for a long time, or because they were excited about their debut in Japan, they were full of restless and positive energy.

After the photoshoot was finished, I asked Yukiko, the Elle Girl Japan editor, how she felt about SHINee. “I watched SHINee’s performances through Youtube and had an impression they are very stylish. On today’s meeting, the different personalities of the five members seemed to have synergy. They are cute, professional, and awesome.”

SHInee will start their promotions as their Japanese debut single Replay is released on 22 June. The Japanese version of “Noona Is So Pretty” must melt Japanese noonas’s hearts. I feel sorry about having fewer chances to see them in Korea, but look forward to seeing their shining performances on new stages. I hope they will enjoy it truly most of all, like they did today!

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Second Concert Date Added For SMTown Live In Paris

10 May

The announcement of the June 10 SMTown Paris concert generated enormous excitement, with tickets selling out within 15 minutes. The cost of the cheapest seats were 56 Euros (~88,000 won) and VIP seats at 111 Euros (~175,000 won), but there were VIP tickets being scalped for 399 Euros (~620,000 won) online on the first day that tickets were being sold.

The high difficulty of purchasing seats for the single concert date caused many European fans to urge SM Entertainment to put on an additional performance. The request by fans for a second concert date culminated in a flash-mob outside the Louvre Museum in Paris attended by over 300 people. As a result of the huge demand, SM Entertainment confirmed a second performance date for June 11. SM Entertainment expects the total two-day attendance number to reach 13,000 fans.

According to KoME France, an official partner of SMTown Live in Paris organiser Korean Connection, the tickets for the second showing will go onsale at 10AM, May 11th. Ticket prices will remain unchanged and will be sold at the same websites which previously offered the tickets for the first showing, such as Live Nation.

Source: dongA, KoMe_France
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SHINee To Finally Debut in Japan?

22 Apr

SHINee was originally scheduled to have their Japanese debut in March but after the earthquake and tsunami, their debut was pushed back tentatively to May.

With Girls’ Generation’s upcoming original single “Mr.Taxi,” on track to be released this month, it looks like SHINee’s debut will also be happening as planned in May.

A mastering engineer for Sonic Korea tweeted on April 21st that he was, “in the middle of mastering SHINee’s Japanese debut single!”

What kind of concept will they introduce to Japan?

SHINee Interview With Le Monde Together With European SHINeeholics!

21 Apr

France’s leading influential media Le Monde, had a interview with SHINee with the topic of “KPOP Wave”.

On April 20th, Le Monde had an interview with SHINee in the SM Entertainment building for 30 minutes at 3 P.M. To give the French fans of SHINee an experience of KPOP, 54 fans came with Le Monde on this day.

The thing that was especially noticed was that this is the first time that fans outside of Asia came to Korea as a group.

Before the interview started, SHINee’s music videos were shown through video, and right as it came out the fans were screaming with joy and they sang along in Korean (pronounced correctly) which showed their love for KPOP. After that SHINee came in and they performed their recent song “Hello” and this made the fans happier.

Le Monde showed interest and asked about SHINee’s training days, after debut days, their rise in fame and talked about their popularity in Europe and in Korea. Fans also got to ask a few question themselves.

Also on that day SHINee told the fans “ There is a SMTOWN LIVE concert at Le Zenith de Paris on June 10th” in French and the fans were amazed to hear their French.

Source: Nate
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SHINee releases four versions of Maypole CF

9 Mar

SHINee has currently been preparing for their Japanese debut and have been out of the spotlight for a while now. At the end of last year, it was announced that the boys would take part in promoting the Maypole fashion brand because their popularity and great taste in fashion would be sure to reach a wide audience.

Shawols around the world have been anxiously waiting to hear new material from the boys. In this new jingle, the CF showcases more of Onew’s and Minho’s voices.

There are four versions of the song available. The following video contains all four versions combined. Check it out below and tell us which one is your favorite.

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