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Mighty Mouth’s Shorry J apologizes for his antics on “Star King”

21 Aug

Mighty Mouth’s Shorry J sent his personal apologies after a recent episode of “Star King” earned criticisms from international fans. On last week’s episode, “Star King” was criticized for portraying a false representation of Muslims, specifically Arabs.

The fiasco started after a Korean-American Ruby Estelle, who currently lives in Saudi Arabia, wanted to showcase her talent and promote Arabian culture on the program.

On one offense, Shorry J took part in the role playing, as he appeared on the segment in full traditional garb. However, after promoting Arab’s traditional clothing, Shorry J put up a rifle and scared the show’s host Kang Hodong away, a false representation of Muslims being terrorists.

After the episode, viewers took their anger to various mediums such as the show’s homepage, Facebook, and Youtube to express their disappointment. Immediately after the episode was aired, SBS issued their official stance on the issue and directly apologized to the Muslim and Arab community.

On a personal note, Shorry J sent his own apology on social networking site Twitter. On the 19th of August, Shorry J was quoted saying,” A thousand apologies for my behavior on Star King. It was very wrong of me to play the role of an Arabian police. I didn’t mean that Arabians are terrorists. Please don’t get me wrong.”

By the end of his tweet, Shorry J apologized once more by saying, “I’m not racist, and I have no prejudice feelings against the Arabian culture. Sorry for my disrespectful behavior once again.”

Source : koreaboo.com