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Super Junior-M’s Henry to attend opening of SM merchandise store in Taiwan

8 Jul

It was previously reported that SM Entertainment and Avex Taiwan were teaming up to open an SM Entertainment exclusive merchandise store in Taipei. Avex Taiwan has now announced that the store will be open for fans on July 8, with Super Junior-M’s Henry attending as a guest.

While the store will be open on the 8th, the grand opening is scheduled to occur on the 10th. Only 330 fans will be allowed to purchase merchandise from the store on the 8th, and only 630 fans will be allowed on the 9th. Fans will be let into the stores in groups of 30, and each group is limited to 30 minutes to make purchases.

This store is the first official SM Entertainment merchandise store outside of Korea. The store will feature over 500 items, including posters, fans, shopping bags, as well as other limited edition items only available in Taiwan.

Where do you think SM Entertainment will expand to next?

Source: Avex Taiwan and Yahoo! News
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